Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

    Since New Year’s Eve is already behind us, the next important date we’re looking forward to is Valentine’s Day. Celebrated all across the globe by the millions of happy couples, this is one of the holidays that inevitably require significant amounts of money.

    Purchasing a perfect present for your beloved is an absolute must, and if you’re not quite sure what to get him – stay with us. Choosing the perfect gift for your beloved boyfriend may not always come in handy. You can also explore more useful gift options on OhDier. Here are four great options your boyfriend will love.

    Inevitable beard grooming kit

    Guys who are rocking a beard will absolutely adore this kind of gift – no matter the occasion. Make sure it contains a bottle of quality beard oil, since this magical liquid is necessary during the cold winter days – it smooths and tames the scruff while moisturizing the skin underneath it. Beard wash is another must-have, so pick the all-natural one that’s free of alcohol and other chemicals.

    It’s the only way to keep his facial hair healthy, without stripping it of its natural oils. Last but not least – a nice beard brush for styling up his beloved scruff. You should opt for natural fibers, as long as it works for your darling’s beard! We recommend the Johnny’s Chop Shop range from Boots.

    johnnys chop shop

    Activity tracker for a fitness junkie

    If you’re dating a fitness junkie, you’re surely aware of the fact that he spends a lot of time working out in a gym. However, there’s a good way to make his workout sessions even more effective.

    Misfit Ray Sports Band In Black/Rose Gold

    Getting your boyfriend an activity tracker may be a real dream come true for him, especially if you know that he was already planning to buy this gadget. It gets even better if his New Year’s resolution was related to healthy living in 2017!

    So, get him this wearable device that tracks steps, calories, and heart rate, and even monitors his sleep patterns. He’ll love its useful features, and the fact that it looks like a fashionable accessory makes it even more attractive! We recommend the Misfit Ray Sports Band from ASOS.

    Skincare products appropriate for his skin type

    Everyone knows that men in general are not so thrilled when it comes to picking skincare products for themselves. Besides aftershave products, an average man uses no more than an ordinary all-in-one face cream on a daily basis, but that’s simply not enough – especially throughout the winter. That’s exactly when you should step in.

    First of all, he needs a gentle facial scrub for getting rid of the dead skin cells that have been piling up for a long time. Moisturizer is another essential product, and you should pay extra attention if your darling has a bit problematic skin. Organic skincare for fighting acne may be the right thing for him, especially because organic products are meant for all skin types – even the sensitive one. Trust us, you won’t make a mistake with organics!

    Aesop skincare range

    Stylish accessories for a fashion-forward guy

    Last but not least, stylish accessories are a huge must for every man of class out there. His personal style is exactly what you need to take into consideration when picking such a gift. If he’s a man who loves jewelry, you can always get him an anchor bracelet that’s elegant and very modern at the same time.

    On the other hand, if that’s not your man’s style, a quality card holder may be your perfect present for him. It’s a timeless classic that’ll never go out of style, and we can assure you that he won’t mind getting it. Don’t forget to sneak your latest photo into one of the pockets – it’s Valentine’s Day, after all!

    Each one of the aforementioned gift ideas is very authentic and convenient, which makes these perfectly suitable for celebrating this special date with your beloved. Just bear in mind his preferences and personal interests while picking an appropriate present – but that shouldn’t be a problem, right?


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