Cheap Places To Travel In 2017

    We know that the last thing you’re probably thinking about right now is travelling, especially when pay day is a few weeks away for most of you. Saying that, we wanted to share some of our cheap places to travel in 2017. Check them out here –


    Crete is Greece’s largest island and is well known for its variety of terrain; from mountains to beaches, it definitely caters for most type of cheap holidays. There isn’t a cheaper time to visit the island, the Euro exchange rate is higher than it has been previous months and the economic crisis in Greece has kept prices low. The island is a beautiful place to visit and is well known for it’s fine cuisine, be sure to visit Alekos for wholesome and homely dishes. Crete is a tourist friendly place to visit and has stunning natural scenery, perfect for the scenery lovers.


    Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is located in Central America and splits the Caribbean and Pacific sea, it is teaming with wildlife and is well-known for its bio diverse culture and protected jungles. Now is a great time to visit this beautiful country; there are plenty of affordable national parks to explore which offer the chance to get up close with some of the worlds wildlife. Transport around Costa Rica is as cheap as you will find anywhere; day trips can often come in less than $10 per person and this is a bargain, especially as the country is just 464km in length. The food and accommodation are affordable if you are on a budget and is often compared to Thailand and Cambodia. To learn more we have published an article on How to Have the Ultimate Costa Rica Experience.

    costa rica


    Home to one of the world’s famous football teams; Barcelona has quickly grown into the cosmopolitan capital of the Catalonian region, renowned for it’s stunning architecture and historical art scene. In recent years it has grown to become one of Europe’s most popular cities, but with a twist, you don’t pay the price of a typical European city. Thanks to the abundance of free attractions and affordable cuisine, you can spend more than a short weekend here and immerse yourself in the culture. Be sure to visit the La Rambla market in the centre of Barcelona, a popular tourist spot where you are sure to find yourself a bargain or two.



    One of Africa’s cheapest travel destinations, Mozambique is  Southern African nation that offers white sanded coastlines and an abundance of opportunities for the adventuring type. It’s not that easy to get to so we would suggest planning your visit around the other African countries, Zimbabwe and Madagascar perhaps. Being off the beaten track, don’t expect to bump into many other tourists. It’s a great place to relax and soak up colonial African culture, whilst saving money of course. We recommend that you look into scuba diving when you visit, the azure ocean has clear turquoise water and is buzzing with well-preserved corals and marine life.



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