The Most Popular Beard Styles Throughout the Years

    For those able to grow beards, the choice of which style to grow can be a difficult one. Some people opt for a timeless beard look, whereas others prefer a style that is distinctly modern. Based on customer experience, over the years there have been a number of popular beard styles that have emerged and taken the world by storm. 

    Let’s take a closer look at some of these styles:

    1. Stubble

    Perhaps the easiest beard to grow is barely any beard at all. A clean stubble beard has become increasingly popular in recent years. Thicker than a five o’clock shadow, but not thick enough to be mistaken for a full beard, stubble is a timeless look that is relatively easy to pull off. 

    For those who are looking for a solid blend of having a beard or no beard, stubble is certainly one of a few answers that looks fantastic. 

    2. Full Beard

    Without a doubt, rocking a full beard has always been one of the most popular styles. In the last two decades, this style faded but it has emerged again largely and taken the beard community by storm. With easy maintenance, simply letting your facial hair grow out is a classic style in and of itself. 

    For those worried about looking rugged, grooming around the beard and keeping it clean is the best way to draw the line between unkempt and purposeful. 

    Beard Styles

    3. Mutton Chops

    While it certainly isn’t as popular with today’s crowd, mutton chops are undoubtedly one of history’s most popular choices of beard style. Typically worn more in the 1800s, this style is an absolute classic that is quite difficult to pull off today. 

    With that said, there may be a resurgence of this style over the next few decades. Styles that may have seemed bizarre years ago are now rising in popularity, so that day of mutton chops may come again. 

    4. The Chinstrap

    Another classic style that’s easier to pull off in today’s day and age is the chinstrap. Simply allows your facial hair to grow from your sideburns down and around your chin is all it takes to get this look going. 

    Some opt to grow a mustache and allow it to connect to create a variant of this style, but that’s an entirely personal choice. This unique style is sure to stay around and evolve for years to come. 

    5. Mustaches

    Mustaches have been around for centuries and will likely be here for centuries. The versatility of this beard style is unparalleled, and there are a number of popular mustache variants that have evolved from the basic look. 

    More difficult to grow, simply keep the rest of your beard shaved and allow the hair above your upper lip to continue growing. Once long enough, begin your grooming. Certain health benefits can come from beards as well, so getting a nice mustache is a great first step. 

    6. Goatee

    Another classic style that goes in and out of popularity is the goatee. Shaving the rest of the beard except for the mustache, chin, and the connection is a style that has been around for years. 

    The goatee isn’t a look everyone enjoys, but those who do like the style are rocking one of the most popular beard styles of all time. 

    7. The Five o’clock Shadow

    Slightly shorter than the true stubble look, a five o’clock shadow is an unkept version of stubble that gives off a rugged feel. For those looking to grow a beard that doesn’t seem as groomed, this may be the style for you. 

    8. Choosing the Right Beard for You

    There’s no right or wrong choice when picking the best beard style to pull off. If you are a fan of the classic beard styles throughout the years, all the more reason to grow it yourself. Alternatively, if the modern styles catch your eye, then consider growing it out that way.

    No matter what, you can’t go wrong with a fresh beard.

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