The Dating Beard Shortage

    John Kershaw, the founder of Bristlr reviews the demand for beards in dating. You will be surprised by the results he has assembled from his dating website.

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    Bristlr have ran the numbers; there are a lot more people who want to date someone with a beard, than there are people with beards. And this is a global problem.

    For every person with a good beard, here’s the ratio of people wanting to stroke them:

    Amsterdam 3.64
    London 2.36
    Manchester 2.24
    New York 2.08
    Los Angeles 2.04
    Sao Paulo 2.02
    Paris 1.98
    Austin 1.66

    Meaning, for every 10 people with beards in Amsterdam, there are 36 wanting a bearded partner.

    If ever there was a time to start going a beard, we would say it’s now.

    The only place we found there isn’t a shortage is in South Asia.

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    One of the fun parts about working at Bristlr is that John gets to learn things that are impossible for anyone else to learn. Most of that is also totally useless, but sometimes he finds something that’s just super interesting.

    When it comes to dating sites, we normally assume it’s going to be filled with a significant majority of guys. In Tinder’s case, for example, it’s basically a two to one ratio of men to women. But an interesting thing happens on Bristlr; because they reduce the number of guys able to use our service, they see an almost 50/50 split of those with beards and those who want to stroke beards (they don’t track gender), with a slight majority wanting a beard.

    If you limit the beard-havers to only those with a “good” beard (rated 2/5 or above by the community, i.e. an actual beard), the number of available beards for stroking halves. This is the case in pretty much every major territory and city where Bristlr exists.

    He doesn’t doubt the “peak beard” study from last year which told us that in 2014 beards were seen as the most appealing they’ve been for generations. But if anyone suggests this means we’re going to see a decline in beard popularity any time soon, they have the data to tell them they’re wrong.

    If you’d like to see the stats on a city or region they’ve not mentioned above, just leave a comment or drop Bristlr a tweet. This article was provided by Brisltr and is available to see on their blog.


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