Style Guide – Chris Millington

    The next beadsmen to feature in our style guide series is our Scottish-born model Chris Millington, a fashion icon who represents some of the famous brands.

    Scottish-born model Chris Millington wasn’t always headed for runway glory. Oh no. Having made a bet with friends, he grew out his now worshipped beard, which he claims is the sole reason for having landed his modelling career.

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    Chris left behind his managerial position at a phone shop and was flung quickly into the limelight; heading up campaigns and shoots for the likes of Urban Outfitters, ASOS, TopMan and more. But we aren’t complaining, because not only is he major beard-spiration, he’s a pretty stylish lad too. Here’s a look into how you can channel Milly style.

    1. BRACES

    We aren’t talking about the mouthgear kind, but the hirsute and dapper gentleman kind. Chris rocks these like no other, and there’s actually rather a range of them to choose from. Thick or thin, colour matched with other accessories, you can make rather a smart statement with these, without trying too hard. Whether with a smart shirt or even a tee, you can add a little something extra to an otherwise plain ensemble.


    The age of the graphic tee is well and truly here. Whether worn ironically or not, having a graphic tee in your wardrobe is essential for the bearded dapper chap of today. It can be slogan, image or both, but like many other beardies (such as Ricki Hall), these tees are ideal for summer; paired with jeans or shorts. NB: you can use said braces mentioned above to work great with a casual tee…


    Chris knows how to rock a statement jacket, and here’s a few ideas. It could be a classic leather number, a lumberjack-style coat or a quirky blazer, but either way,  it needs to make a statement. Try mixing it up a little, perhaps a tweed blazer with some nice jeans, or a leather jacket with some smart trousers. Take some all important inspiration from Milly in the snaps below.

    Take inspiration from the quirky and #barberlife-esque style of Chris Millington, but remember, it’s not always what you wear, but how you wear it…


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