The 10 Best Haircuts for College Students

    Entering college makes a lot of difference in students’ lives, – you get older, better, smarter, expand the circle of friends and acquaintances. College often changes people from careless teens who don’t know what they want from this life to more mature young men and women who have a target and will do everything to reach it. Many people doubt that the goal is the most important thing at the beginning of your journey! without a goal, people would not achieve such heights, and would not come to where they are now. According to WritePaper, focusing on a goal can be difficult due to study, work, or the like. With your studies, essaywritingservice will help you figure it out, here they know how students value money and time and will treat you with understanding and provide the best service. Becoming focused essay writers that in many ways know what they want from life.

    Today we will talk about how to manage your looks, hairstyles in particular while going to college. We will take into consideration only the latest haircuts that are more or less universal so that you could choose what is really becoming to you. Only just starting thinking about going to college? We got you! Let us know if you need help writing an essay for college admission. Another useful service to try out is CustomEssayMeister. You will have your assignments done and hence, save much time for other things in life, such as finding your own style!

    However, we need to warn you about one thing, – you will have to devote the time each morning to look okay since there is no such hairstyle that will take zero effort. Once it’s done, you should keep it good-looking, otherwise, it will spoil the looks.

    So, here they are – the 10 best haircuts for students ever.

    To be fair, we have collected both guys’ and ladies’ popular in 2019-2020 haircuts for you to choose from. Check them out!

    Most Popular Guys’ Haircuts for College

    Sure thing, each of us is unique and you should see what will suit your face, eyebrow shape, color type, etc.   

    Long loose comb-over

    This hairstyle is brilliant because you will not have to visit a barber each week. It’s a unique option as it gives much freedom for experiments, – the comb-over can be both curly and straight, however, the straight one is more frequent.

    The everlasting crew cut

    We don’t wanna say that it’s for lazy boys, but the hairstyle is classified as a ‘low maintenance’ universal style to fit any occasion. A must for students who are always in a hurry! 

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    Spiky haircuts

    The maximum hair length here much resembles the long comb-over, but for the guys who want to stand out from the crowd, this shape will be just fine.

    Haircuts with a ‘fade’ effect on sides

    While fade haircuts take a high level of the barber’s proficiency, it’s a great way for a student to express their individuality and show a good taste.

    Long curly afro

    This is a truly outstanding hairstyle that lets you be who you really are, not having to adjust to another culture if you are Afro- or Latin American. Besides, it’s unisex and there is nothing much needed to maintain its looks, – the more careless it is – the better! 

    Cute and Simple Haircuts for Girls

    Soft curls

    Except, perhaps, PE lessons, this hairstyle is a true classic for many girls as it looks both elegant and practical. To make it more fit for college, you might add some creativity, adding pinned sides or other bobby pins, decorated with pearls, for example. 

    Straight colored hair

    When girls are not at college, they have a full right to dye their hair green, blue, purple, yellow and be okay with this? Now is the time for you to feel your uniqueness. And don’t judge yourself if you decide to change it the next morning.

    High ponytail

    The most practical variant of the hairstyle, according to real students’ words. Besides, you don’t need any special ‘equipment’ to do this. Still, be careful not to wear this hairstyle all the time since the hair might suffer from tight scrunchies.  

    Wearing headbands

    Suitable mostly for summer, spring, and fall seasons, when you don’t have to wear a hat on the top, this is a great variation for young ladies that is not so often used but can add creativity (and practicality to your outfit). Combine with other accessories of the same color palette, a headband will definitely make you stand out.

    Bob hairstyle

    This list would be imperfect without the favorite bob, – in many variations, whether you choose to get a long or a regular bob hairstyle, it will add fresh notes to your look and the outfit. The best option to wear bob is in your natural color, not damaging your hair by chemicals. Besides, it will look worse if you are too busy to dye the roots in time.

    This is just a small part of what could be done to a student’s hair but be sure that there is always something fitting just for you, – you just have to find it!

    Don’t forget also that your hairstyle should emphasize the advantages of your color type and face shape, so if you still doubt some of the hairstyles, turn to an expert and everything will be cool.  


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