Trimmer Tycoon got Greenlit!

    We are delighted to announce that The trimmer shop simulator got greenlit. With your help, Imbrox Games are now able to release their new barbershop game!

    HELSINKI, Finland, April 28, 2016 — You’re the new owner of a beard-trimming salon. Customers start flowing in with absurd wishes for their beards. Can you satisfy their beardy dreams and keep up with the ever-increasing rent? With only an electric shaver and a pair of scissors as your tools, you dream of one day becoming the best trimmer millionaire in the world.

    Trimmer Tycoon is a shop management game with simulator elements. You start off with an empty shop. Customers find you quickly and your job is to satisfy their beardy dreams to the best of your abilities. Attract more customers by decorating your shop and handle rush hours with skilled employees. The customers expect accurate shaves and colors, but you can’t take too long; the clock is ticking —  you need to make enough money to pay rent.

    beard trimmer tycoon

    As you work your way to become a millionaire in the beard-trimming business, your shop will fill with colorful decorations and skilled employees. Dozens of fun customer-characters, beard styles and decorations ensure that every play-through feels different.

    “We’ve been hard at work on making Trimmer Tycoon the best game it can be. The game evolved from a conversation in a sauna to a fun tycoon experience quickly as we kept adding features,” said Oskari Liukku, a coder and project leader at Improx Games. “We’re super excited to see it all finally coming together.”

    Trimmer Tycoon is planned for a Q3 2016 release on Steam, and later on Android and iOS.

    You can find more information on Trimmer Tycoon at

    About Improx Games

    Improx Games is a Finnish independent game developer founded in 2015. Since then we’re worked on many small games and taken part in Ludum Dares and other game jams. Trimmer Tycoon is our first larger-scale game project. Visit us online at

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