We caught up with the founders of BeardWorx, a Western Cape life partners aka Beardsman and Beardmaiden who aim to bring beard care to the smaller corners of the world…

    What inspired you both to create BeardWorx?

    At the time we were living in a quaint, small town on the coastline of the Western Cape, and of course, no-one in the area had ever even heard of beard oil let alone sold it! After much research, he discovered there was no locally made beard grooming product range and any imported versions available in the big cities cost a fortune…so, he decided to make his own.

    He was lucky enough to find a company a town away that sold natural oils and such so after a bit of experimentation, he finalized his beard oil and moustache wax. Friends and family were immediately intrigued by his ever-growing and handsome beard, so we started handing them out to them as gifts and the response was so positive and over-whelming that we decided (with a few bucks in the bank) to make it a side-line business.


    How do you run the day to day activity?

    Jp at the time owned a construction company so his work environment meant a dusty, sweaty beard so we added a soap bar to the range. And then wooden combs. Sales were small to moderate but the response to our hand-made, all natural products was so motivating we wanted to develop our range further but we knew that that would be very challenging in a small town, so we moved 560km to Cape Town.

    I loathed the idea of being employed again so we agreed that while JP had another full time job, he was the product maker, and obviously, the Face of the company while I would run BeardWorx on a day-to-day basis (which was nerve racking at first because I wasn’t convinced any man would take me seriously taking about and selling beard grooming products!).

    What was your strategy for promoting the brand?

    Firstly, we needed a professional website that represented us, combined with the online store facility. On top off that we added another scented beard soap and a shampoo, a beard balm and a bamboo grooming kit box to complete our range.

    With that now up and running, we increased our advertising via Facebook and Google Ads, cold called and knocked on doors of salons and barbershops throughout South Africa. Today, as it stands, we have over 30 stockists (barber shops and salons, tattoo parlours, gift and wedding shops, and health stores) country-wide as well as three in Namibia.

    What do you currently sell?

    The range: we make every effort to only buy raw products that are locally produced (local is lekka, as we say here in SA) and all natural, chemical and animal products free. We make most of the products ourselves, with the exception of our soaps and shampoo, which is made especially for us. Our range consists of:


    Beard oils – All three beard oils are made with the same base oils; Argan oil, Grapeseed oil and Jojoba oil, with different essential oils and scents.

    Soap bar – Which comes with a bamboo soap dish. Made from vegetable glycerine and coconut products

    Shampoo – Our hand-made beard shampoo is a combination of Coconut oil and distilled water with Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils for a refreshing an invigorating feeling, with a crisp, fresh aroma.

    Beard Balm – Our hand-made beard balm is a carefully balanced mix of Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil with Bergamot, Cinnamon, Sandalwood and White Grapefruit essential oils giving it an exotic spicy, sexy and assertive scent.

    Moustache Wax – Our moustache wax is made with locally harvested Beeswax, organic Coconut Oil and Eucalyptus, Pine Needle, Sweet Orange essential oils for a subtle, slightly sweet but woody aroma.

    Wooden combs – Our wooden combs are soft and polished smooth and well designed with large, evenly spaced teeth which prevents long or curly hair getting caught by thin comb teeth, while distributing natural and added oils throughout the beard, without causing the dreaded static.

    Bamboo Grooming Kit Box – A beautifully hand-made bamboo box with bronze hinges and our logo engraved on the lid. We sell these individually or as a complete kit with beard oil, soap, moustache wax, beard balm, comb and trimming scissors. The perfect gift for any bearded man!

    Make sure you checkout BeardWorx and purchase some of their great products, they also have Facebook and Twitter and appreciate the social support.


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