How to Grow a Beard Like Conor McGregor

    Most men can only dream of being as manly, ripped and stylish as Conor McGregor. While he’s one of the biggest names in the MMA universe, what’s interesting to us today is his magnificent beard.

    Since the dawn of times, a thick beard has been considered a sign of masculinity, but rarely do we get to witness a beard that looks so modern yet timeless at the same time.

    Well, that’s what makes Conor…well, Conor! But, if you would like to imitate the king and learn how to fight then FighterCulture is your best place to start. If however you are still reading this and want a beard like his, here are a few tips on how to grow a Conor McGregor beard.

    Conor’s career

    Before you dive into the pool of beard grooming tips, you need to know a bit about Conor’s career. He didn’t always have a personal groomer and hairstylist. Actually, growing up in a poor Dublin neighborhood, he didn’t have much at all!

    But, his unfortunate young years gave him strength and motivation to not only survive but become one of the ultimate stars in Mixed Martial Arts. In 2013, he joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship and steadily built his career until he earned his first belt two years later.

    Famous McGregor style

    His humble beginnings didn’t help Conor stay a humble athlete. Over the years, he earned millions of dollars from titles and sponsorships, but it seems like money isn’t his only passion.

    What Mr McGregor loves to do more than anything is provoke anyone and everyone with his fighting style, his many titles and his excellent speed. If you want to learn more about MMA and other martial arts sports, check out Fighting Report where you can find out more about the gear and find various guides—we’re not here to discuss fighting styles or best MMA gloves.

    We’re here to talk about something far more important—Conor’s beard. So, if you want to imitate his recognizable, now already iconic style, here’s what to do:

    Improve your diet

    Many things in and on your body are greatly affected by your diet and your beard is not an exception.  By eating plenty of protein and good carbs, you’ll not only lose those extra few pounds but also increase the production of DHT, beard growth hormone. Also, foods like chicken breast, fish and greens have useful vitamins that stimulate follicle growth.

    Hit the gym and then hit the hay

    Both exercising and sleeping can stimulate your testosterone production which is directly linked to your ability to grow thick McGregor beard. So, ditch your video games and go to the gym and then straight to bed.

    Try vitamin supplements

    Vitamin D and Biotin are two vitamins that can affect your beard growth. Aside from spending time outside in the sunshine, you can get them from specialized beard supplements that can make your beard grow faster and thicker.

    Practice regular trimming

    Once your beard reaches that perfect length, make sure to trim it regularly. Cutting rough edges will make your beard shiny and soft.

    Apply beard oil

    Another must when it comes to soft yet thick beard is frequent moisturizing. Rubbing it into your skin increases blood flow and accelerates beard growth. Aside from burnishing your beard, it also nurtures the skin below. When your beard is just starting to grow and itch, a nice oil can really help with comfort while providing you with best beard results.

    beard oils
    Check out our beard oil guide for more information

    Think about dyeing

    Since Conor is a natural ginger, you’ll never have a beard like his without that recognizable orange shade. So if you think about dyeing your beard ginger, make sure to condition it frequently to prevent dryness and roughness caused by chemicals from the dye.

    Put a little curl in your mustache

    To finish off your Conor McGregor look, you must put that devilish curl in your mustache. Apply just a tinge of mustache wax and curl them with your fingers or a specialized mustache comb and voila!

    While having a classy McGregor look will not bring you his thick wallet or his excellent fighting skills, you will definitely catch many eyes!


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