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    If you’re thinking of getting a new custom tattoo then you need to read this. Custom Tattoo Design will create any size/design to take to your tattoo artist.

    A great deal of tattoos contrary to belief are not pilgrimages of the skin detailing a persons inner journey of enlightenment or in some cases tragedy, some people simply wish to have some beautifully designed piece of art placed about their person. In some cases now, they wish to have aforementioned beauty but struggle to come to terms with what and where, often bombarded by images on search engines like Google or apps like Pinterest.

    So with this maze of possible confusion it can feel like being lost in the woods with the same images in all directions and no means of escape, until a ray of light shining bright with the promise of taking all the hassle of choosing a design comes along.

    Could this be true? Instead of searching for something, you create something? The very thing at the start you didn’t think was possible suddenly looks a possibility. has a fairly simple outline to make sure you are happy with your design. For example one of the plus points highlighted from the start is the amount of redo’s / alterations you can make along your journey to finding that perfect design – infinite i.e. as many as you like until you are happy.

    Custom Tattoo

    The format is rather straight forward you start an initial conversation giving as much detail as possible and wait to hear back from them. Upon first point of contact, they will outline what you can expect and any ideas that come to mind. They then ask for a 50% payment up front with the final 50% when you are completely satisfied.

    Lets look at the pricing scheme. ( prices correct as of June 2015 )

    • Small Design – £20 plus £10 deposit – Small Designs are generally one singular item Example; Bird, Butterfly, Names, Heart. 2-5 inches of skin
    • Medium Design – £30 plus £10 deposit – Medium Designs are average size tattoos between 6-8 square inches of skin. This might have a couple of design elements combined and is the proper size for most people’s custom designs. If unsure please send a request
    • Large Design – £40 plus £20 deposit – Large designs consist of partial sleeves, partial leg pieces, half chest, half back and similar sized designs.
    • Extra Large Design – £50 plus £30 deposit – Extra Large Design; These designs are sometimes custom priced however we are pretty consistent. These Include many design elements and are generally full sleeves, full back, chest to half sleeve, 3/4 leg pieces.

    If you decide to make use of the service what can you expect to get for your money ?

    After the first consultation a design is quickly mocked up and sent to you via email, then after either discussing any changes or confirming your satisfaction, a far more detailed picture is sent and an option to send them a picture of the area to be tattooed is made.

    Custom Tattoo

    This is your choice of course but if you opt to send them the picture, Custom Tattoo Design will Photoshop to a fairly high degree the design onto your picture and send it back to you, giving you a really clear idea and a far greater feeling of confidence going forward.

    The final part after making the remaining 50% payment is to receive a nice padded package through the post containing.

    • The template for your tattoo artist to use on the day
    • A fully shaded or coloured finished article for the tattooist to work from
    • The high-resolution prints of your design Photoshopped onto your body

    So why not give them a try and let them know TheBeardMag sent you.

    Contact Custom Design Tattoo or follow them on Twitter @customtattoo14


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