Barbershop Beard Launches

    Check out the press release for Barbershop Beard, a new bearded care company. They have a signature oil  they recently released, learn more about them here.

    Welcome to the Barbershop Beard – Barbers and Beards are back. We are an up and Coming Beard care company set to join forces with a host of Mancunian Barbers and give the modern Gentleman the complete look.

    Our Beard oil reduces irritation and inflammation whist awarding your beard with a glossy shine and a crisp scent that matures throughout the day.

    Who are we?
    It’s safe to say that the beard is as popular as it’s ever been. From young to old – blue to white-collar – there is a beard for every walk of life.

    Along with the beard boom, there has been a growing number of traditional Barbershops opening their doors across Manchester and the UK.

    Barbershop Beard
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    We are Barbershop Beard and we proudly present our Original scent beard oil. We have worked hard to create what we believe to be one of the best beard oils on the market.

    Our mission at Barbershop Beard is simple. We want you smelling fresh and looking good whilst improving the quality of your facial hair and skin. Striving to create a brand that echoes the traditional barbershop culture of yester year, we aim to deliver the same high quality service that you expect to receive from your barber. “Something for the weekend?”

    We are also official Kent stockists, this is a partnership that we are extremely proud of. Offering the same high quality hand crafted combs that have been used in barber shops and salons since 1777.

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    Whats in our oils and what do they do?
    Unlike the hair on your head, a beard is often coarse and the skin underneath dry, that’s where our beard oil comes in.

    We have worked carefully to create the perfect recipe for our beard oils. Packed full of vitamin e, our base oils have been selected and blended to offer both therapeutic properties as well as enhancing the absorption of our essential oils into your hair and skin.

    The rich blend of sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Petitgrain give off a woodsy yet musky aroma while still smelling fresh and hygienic like an old school barber shop. Our base oils have been carefully selected to reduce irritation and inflammation making them perfect for your beard. Our original scent beard oil will render your beard soft to the touch whist awarding it with a glossy shine and a crisp scent that matures throughout the day.

    Co Founder Tom Murrell had this to say.

    “We wanted to create a tonic that had market appeal but one that was created in the right way, a tonic that was a natural addition to the service of a Barber Shop. There is a lot of competition out there that offers a wide range of varied scents but none that have been designed solely with the Barbershop in mind, mirroring that iconic feel, that stylish finish and that professional service you expect from a traditional barbershop.”

    Fellow founder Mat Wheelhouse gave an insight into the Brands ambition and what sets it apart.

    “It’s just the beginning, we took a lot of time considering our formula as well as our best route to market. We have been hugely inspired by traditional barbershops and we wanted to pay homage to that culture with our brand.”

    Manchester is often the start of many a good idea and it’s the owners’ hope that this project can take hold in the North and then expand across the UK.

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    Mat explains.

    “The feedback we have been getting so far has been really encouraging. Our plans of integrating our product into the service of a Barbers has been well received and we want to expand from here. We want to make this collaboration with Manchester Barbers a success before taking things further. There is no better place to bring a product like this to market than Manchester, people here are so well opinionated and informed and we look forward to developing our brand from here”

    The Barbershop beard now plans to open its doors and looks forward to a busy 2015.

    For more information about their product and reasons for selecting their ingredients please watch their promotional video via the link.

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    Mat – 07912615571



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