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    Born from Tradition… living the free life of the Smokies.  These aren’t just catch phrases according to Nate, the co-founder of Smoky Mountain Beard Co.  These are ways of life.  Nate, along with his wife and co-founder Stacy, started their small company with a belief that hard work, honesty, and care for their fellow man would take them far. 


    These are the traditional beliefs that have been staples of Smoky Mountain life for many years, and are still alive and well today.  Nate and Stacy have successfully made them a way of doing business as well.


    Smoky Mountain Beard Co. was founded in 2014, after Nate was at a local craft show.  Walking through the sea of tents, one of the vendors stopped him and offered a sample of oil for his beard.  The vendor claimed that it would make his beard softer.  Having had a beard most of his adult life, Nate loved how he looked with one, but not how it felt. 

    So, he figured “What the hell, it can’t hurt…”  From that point on, beard oil was a part of his daily routine.  The problem was, everybody that sold it, did so with small bottles at high prices.  It was as if it were liquid gold.


    Not satisfied with this, Nate decided to make his own.  Playing around with different mixes and recipes, he finally came up with a couple of blends that he felt were worthy of marketing. 

    So, he hung out a shingle and started selling it online.  Making sure to keep the every day working man in mind, he used larger bottles, and kept to smaller prices.  Nate says, “Beard oil may not be a necessity, but it sure makes having a beard a better experience.  And every man, from the office high-rise, to the man on a tractor should be able to afford the best beard care possible.”

    With the popularity of beards on the rise, Nate hopes more men will have the opportunity to experience his products, and live the free life of the Smokies.

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    What they offer

    Beard Care & Grooming Kits
    Include: Oil, Balm, Soap, Brush, Comb, Scissors
    Beard Oils
    Beard Balms
    Grooming Tools

    What their customers are saying

    “These products turned me into a no-good, dirty beard-sniffer” – Kira H.

    “The scent is great. The hold is amazing. I am a fan, and the cost per amount ratio is way better than stuff on Amazon. Thanks!” – Greg P.

    “Thanks for the prompt shipping and super products. I will be ordering more and telling my buds about Smoky Mountain Beard Co.  Living the free life…” – Johnathan P.

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