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    Designed and formulated in Sydney, Australia, Milkman offers a stylistic, fresh approach to the world of men’s grooming, the only ultimate beard care range. Through our intricate combination of artisanal oils, natural raw materials and our balance of carefully formulated scents, Milkman has created a brand that will be sure to keep you looking fresh between the ears.


    Milkman built it’s brand on beard care and was one of the first companies to offer a full suite of beard products including beard oil, beard balm, 2 in 1 beard cleansers, moustache waxes, combs, brushes & kits.   It has also been a leader in developing distinctive masculine scents. From the natural woody scents of the flagship “King of Wood” Range, to the “Pole Position” range that hints at a heady mix of tobacco, myrrh, vetiver & sweet orange.

    Milkman founder, Dr Ben De Campo, was previously a scientist who then turned to the world of law. It was his passion for science and the ability to create something useful from raw materials, which led him to hang up his wig and tie and blow the dust of his beakers and lab coat.  It is for this reason that each and every one of Milkman products bares a scientific and precise formulation, with every ingredient serving a purpose fin maximising the male grooming experience.

    Whilst the primary focus has been beard care, as the company grew it’s product lines have expanded and now included shaving, with hair & body care not far away. Milkman welcomes you to try our products, that many Australians use daily and love. We aim to offer a holistic approach to male grooming, and as a consequence of looking great after using our products you will ultimately feel great about yourself, your appearance and be given confidence to maximise your potential throughout the day.

    At Milkman we aren’t trying to sell you snake oil! We are trying to sell you beard oil (and other manly stuff). We provide no BS, quality products that cater to all men, that care about their appearance, and image they present to the world. Trust in Milkman and we promise to keep you looking fresh between the ears.  Our online shop is at


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    What their customers are saying

    Check out just some of the reviews we received from our loyal customers on Facebook

    Alexander James – (5 stars)

    Just got Chai Latte beard oil and Pole Position 2in1 in my second delivery from Milkman. The Chai Latte scent is one of the best I’ve experienced in a beard oil. Sweet, spicy and masculine. And the 2in1 has left my beard noticeably softer and it lies flatter on my face. My first order was the Pole Position beard oil which has a scent that reminds me of a well-made Old Fashioned. I can’t wait to try your other beard oils.

    Nic Freedman – (5 stars)

    These products are great, my beard was not growing and becoming brittle and lifeless. After using the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, my beard is amazing now, healthy, growing not snapping off. I just love it. Would highly recommend to anyone (with a beard)!!!!!

    Rhondda Matic – (5 stars)

    My hairy hunk loves Milkman’s 2 in 1 shampoo, so I bought him a year’s supply!!

    You have to look after your beard!! Ps always receive exceptional service from the Milkman team!

    Andrew Gow – (5 stars)

    Love these products. Each of the oils and shampoos smell amazing but my favourite is King of Wood. Leaves the beard feeling soft and smooth as well as fragrant. The comb is brilliant too. Fast, responsive service. Highly recommended.

    Samantha Peacock – (5 stars)

    These products are amaze balls!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!

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