We caught up with Sammie to learn more about his love for music and what it takes to become an well renowned R&B artist.

    Can you try and give our readers a bit of a background on yourself, a quick spill about things you are into?

    My name is Sammie Lee Bush Jr, professionally known as Sammie, I grew up in South Florida and knew young that music was my passion. So I utilized my talent to make it in this world and due to perseverance, trial & error I’ve been able to provide for not just myself but family also doing what I love.

    Can you try to take us through your daily routine when it comes to beard care

    As far as my beard care, it’s quite simple…I’m pretty scruffy so every morning I comb it out to keep it neat and I moisturize it with coconut oil for the healthy look.

    Source - Demetrius McNeal
    Source – Demetrius McNeal

    Do you have any specific brands that you prefer?

    I have no specific brand that I go to. But coconut oil in general is a *Major Key* (DJ Khaled voice.)

    Do you trim and maintain your beard on your own, or do you only let your barber handle it? Who is your ‘go to’ guy for trimming and maintenance?

    Shout out to my barber Joel in Riverdale Ga, he’s been cutting my hair and trimming my beard since I was 18 (that’s when I moved to Atlanta). I only allow him to get me right.

    So tell us more about Sammie… when did you realise you could sing and what was your breakthrough moment?

    I was four years young when I knew I embodied the gift of song. I was in church actually and I sung “Troubles Don’t Last Always” & from there my family also knew I had a gift that needed some grooming of course, but they too knew it could take me places. My breakthrough was performing at the Apollo in 1998/1999. That’s how I got discovered.

    If you could describe your style in only 3 words, what would they be?

    My style in 3 words, free, random, simple. I believe less is more.

    Source – Renzee Christopher Mathis

    What inspires you to perform?

    What inspires me to perform is the influence and impact you can have on a stranger’s life. Someone who doesn’t know you can relate and resonate with your pain, love, heartbreak etc. It’s a powerful connection.

    Any funny stories from the time that you have been performing?

    A funny story, after I became a household name to the world, I had the chance to perform at the Apollo as “Sammie”, very surreal now that I think about it. However during my show a woman pulled me off stage and into the crowd (I kept singing) while management and security helped me back on stage. It was great for TV!

    If you could perform in only one more place worldwide, where would this be and why?

    I’ve never been to the U.K., and the thought of a beautiful woman talking to me in a British Accent makes me happy lol so I’m looking forward to performing in London. I can’t wait.

    Lastly, are you working on any cool projects that you can share with our readers and your fans?

    I just released my EP entitled “I’m Him” available on all digital formats, it debuted in the top.5 on iTunes this past November so we’re still shooting visuals off that. But I’m super humbled and grateful to be working on my offices 3rd LP due out later this year. That’s my primary focus right now.

    Sammie - EP cover

    Check out Sammie on his social media here –

    Instagram @SammieAlways
    Twitter @SammieAlways
    SoundCloud – SammieAlways
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    Header Image Photographer & Source – Josh Wool
    EP Album Cover Source – Renzee Christopher Mathis. Edited/Graphics By: Cheng Chum (EMPIRE Distribution)


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