Your Home and the Environment: Why you Should Choose uPVC for Your Doors

    As part of being a responsible homeowner, you may need to consider the security of your existing exterior doors. Those that are outdated, or no longer functioning correctly, might need to be changed for something new. When looking into your options, it can be good to consider uPVC doors. While these can serve their desired purpose, they may actually be a great choice for those who want to make more eco-friendly choices.

    Alteration rather than replacement

    Finding that your door doesn’t fit correctly can be rather frustrating. You may notice that draughts get in, or that it scrapes on the floor. To avoid it continuing to be a problem, or causing your floors to become damaged, you may want to look into how to adjust a UPVC door. This can allow you to alter the hinges so the door fits the way it should, keeping the cold out and preventing it from touching the floor. These alterations may be possible with an Allen key or screwdriver. At certain points, a fitting issue may be the result of a damaged part, meaning that calling out a professional to repair them could be required.

    Energy efficiency

    When you have the heating on in your home, you may be paying more than you should. If that heat escapes through an improperly fitted door, your boiler may need to work a lot harder to maintain your chosen temperature. This can result in higher bills – something all of us are struggling with right now. 

    In addition to this, the heat lost from your home can make it far less energy efficient. Having a uPVC door installed properly could help to retain the heat within your home. Conserving energy can help the environment by preventing you from wasting resources unnecessarily. When you have good quality doors and windows fitted, you can do your bit for the environment, keep your usage down and hopefully, make a difference to your energy bills. 

    Disposing of old doors

    Have you ever considered what happens to old doors that are no longer needed? Old style doors usually head to landfill – but another benefit of using uPVC doors is that this material may be recycled into something else. Those who are knowledgeable on environmentally friendly practices may already be aware that recyclable items can be better than those designed for single use. Opting for doors that may last decades, and then still be turned into something else, can really help to prevent wastage over a longer period of time.

    uPVC doors can be a great addition to your home. Alongside offering you that security, they may also be able to play a role in helping the planet. Looking after them, and having any repairs done as soon as possible, could help to extend their lifespan and contribute towards less wastage. Picking the correct door to suit your home, including heating needs, could also help you to conserve energy and support the environment even more.


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