Why Your Lifestyle Should Include Vetting Your Dates

    Many men like doing some of the same activities in the modern world. They might enjoy playing fantasy football together, meeting up for a beer at their favorite dive bar, or working on the car in the driveway if it needs a tune-up. Many modern men also want to date if they’re not currently seeing anyone.

    If you’re a man living the single lifestyle, but you want to date, you can do that in many different ways. You might go to a bar and see if you hit it off with the person on the next stool over. You may find someone at work and ask them out.

    Many times, though, you’ll meet someone through a dating app or website. That’s very common in 2022, and many long-term relationships start in cyberspace.

    However you meet someone, though, you should do all you can to find out about them to make sure they’re truthful about themselves and their backgrounds. We’ll talk about why you should vet your dates in the following article.

    You Never Know if a Person Has a Spouse Already

    Free person lookup sites exist in 2022, and it behooves you to use one sometimes. These websites let you plug in a person’s name, and then you can find out everything about them that’s public record. It might surprise you what kind of information you can sometimes find.

    For instance, the single male in 2022 certainly wants to know whether you’re dating someone who has a spouse already that they’re trying to conceal from you. Maybe they already live with them, even if they’re not legally together. They might have kids with this person, and they’re living together via a civil union.

    You can often find that out if you use one of these sites. You can learn about someone’s marital status, but you can also learn about who lives with them. You can discover if they have kids and their ages.

    If this person told you they’re separated and have kids, you may feel you can trust them since they were upfront with you about those things. If they said they have no children and that there’s no one else in the picture, but you find that’s not the case, you can cut off contact with them.

    You Can Find Out About Their Criminal Record

    You can use one of these services to learn about a person’s criminal record before you date them or once you’ve gone out with them once or twice. Maybe they say they have a squeaky-clean record, but you learn they committed some serious offenses in the past.

    If you find out they have violent crimes in their past, you may cut them off for that reason. Maybe you see they committed fraud at some point or that they have many prior drunk driving arrests.

    You might not think you’re a judgmental person, but learning something like that may make you feel like this individual is not the best match for you. If so, you can either ghost them or explain to them why you want to go your separate ways.

    You Might Want to Learn About Them Before Taking the Plunge

    Maybe you feel like you don’t need to look into someone’s background when you start dating them. If you’re an optimistic person, you may think you should give an individual a chance to prove themselves to you before snooping into their past.

    You might get to the point where you think you and this person have a bright future together, though. 

    Maybe you’re thinking you might move in with them, or you want to propose marriage.

    In a perfect world, you can do those things without checking up on the person at all. Perhaps you’ll get along great with them, and you two will live happily ever after.

    It might sound cynical, but men getting ready to take the next big step, whatever that is, should at least think about one of these free person searches from a site that offers them. If you elect not to go through with this step, and then you learn too late this person isn’t what they seem, you’ll likely kick yourself for not taking that simple action when you had the chance.

    You can remain a hopeless romantic, but you can also protect your best interests. In the modern world, checking up on a person you meet is just practical, which is why so many men do it.


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