What Men Want: Wallpaper Trends for Living Rooms

    When it comes to the living room, men are not your average Pinterest pinners. While the latest Instagram trends might inspire some, others have a more practical approach to designing their living spaces. Men favor functionality and simplicity over aesthetics, which means keeping things as neutral and uncluttered as possible. Men prefer wallpapers that complement their masculine style and, at the same time, don’t compete with it. Neutral hues allow them to experiment with accents in other rooms (like the home office or bedroom) that can stand out from the walls. Luckily there are many chic new designs available for you to choose from. However, you can always opt for custom wallpaper.

    Which Wallpaper Trends Are Men Loving?

    If you’re unsure where to begin choosing wallpapers, we recommend you choose one that’s consistent with the aesthetics of your room. For example, if your living room is decorated in a minimalist style, you should select a clean-cut and simple wallpaper, like striped paper. If your living room has a rustic or old-fashioned feel, consider choosing a wallcovering with a more traditional design, like a tartan print. If you live in a more modern space, wallpaper with a graphic pattern is a great choice. To ensure your design is perfect for your room, it’s essential to consider your color scheme and the mood you’re hoping to create with your design.

    A Mix of Shapes and Sizes

    Men tend to gravitate towards wallpapers with a bold, graphic print. A pattern like this is neutral enough to be used in various rooms without drawing too much attention away from the rest of the decor. It’s crucial to select a pattern that’s not too large so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space. A wallpaper with a smaller but equally as bold pattern can be an excellent choice for your living room. This way, the pattern is consistent throughout the room but only stands out a little. If you prefer to use wallpaper with a neutral pattern, consider mixing different shapes within the same design. For example, you could use a large, rectangular paper on one side of the room and a smaller, hexagonal paper on the other.

    Influenced by Nature

    For those men who want to bring the outdoors inside, a natural-inspired design is a great option. You can choose a pattern with a floral motif, like a hydrangea or apple blossom, or a wallpaper with a leaf print. Consider a paper with a geometric, paisley motif for a bolder, more masculine design. This design is excellent for those who prefer a more rustic look, as it will be consistent with many other materials used in your living room, such as natural fibers and wooden furniture. If you like the look of watercolors, choosing a paper with a water-themed design is another way to bring nature into your living space.

    Darker Shaded Wallpapers

    Darker wallpapers are an excellent option for men who want a more eclectic or modern style. They’re bold enough to stand out from the rest of your decor without being too overwhelming or masculine. They’re also an excellent option for those who often change up their home décor, as they can easily be painted over when you’re ready for a new look. When selecting a darker wallpaper, you’ll want to incorporate other elements in the room that stand out, such as furniture or decorative pieces. You can pair the wallpaper with either neutral or dark furniture to create a bold design. If you prefer a more toned-down look, try pairing the wallpaper with light-colored furniture.

    Confident With Black and White

    Black and white have long been popular, especially as wallpaper for small living room. When selecting a black and white wallpaper, it’s important to note that you don’t want both paper and walls to be black and white. You’ll want to select a paper that’s black, white or a combination of both. Consider the rest of your design when choosing black and white paper. If you have other black-and-white elements in the room, such as furniture or decorative pieces, you can choose a wallpaper that has a white pattern. You can select a paper with black walls if you prefer a darker look. When choosing black and white paper, it’s essential to consider your color scheme. You don’t want the design to compete with your other elements but rather complement them.


    Wallpaper can significantly impact men’s living rooms and can be a great way to personalize your space without spending a fortune. When selecting a design for your living room, consider your color scheme and what mood you’re hoping to create with your design. If you’re unsure of where to begin, it’s important to remember that men tend to gravitate towards wallpapers with a bold, graphic print. A pattern like this is neutral enough to be used in various rooms without drawing too much attention away from the rest of the decor.


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