Upgrading Your Man Cave: Gaming Edition

    We got to speak with Chris, who runs Voodoo Neon – the neon man cave experts.  They’ve been helping many men around the country set up the neon lighting in their man spaces over the last few years.  “Every man should have a space to retreat to when things get overwhelming in the main house – decent ambience, calming and atmospheric lighting is crucial to make that space to just feel right and proper – dodgy lighting and its a garage, with the right neon lighting and it’s a man cave”.

    Your man cave should be unique to you, and optimized to fit your preferences. A custom neon sign, sports memorabilia or your musical instruments adorning the walls, are all simple ways of personalizing your space and creating your own sanctuary.

    However, if you’re a gamer, there are some specific details you really shouldn’t be without when setting up your den. Whether you’re casually playing a game that helps take the edge off, or prefer something a little more competitive, the devil’s in the details.

    So, if you’re looking for a good way to spruce up your setup, we’ve got you covered. The last thing you want is to be taken out of your element because your computer is glitching or your muscles start to cramp from discomfort.

    Here’s our curated gift list for men who know that the most important part of creating your man cave is comfort – but also maybe being able to take on the rest of the gaming community in style.

    1. An Awesome Gaming Desk

    You man cave may be the one space in the world where you have complete control over everything. That means that there’s no reason to skimp when setting up a gaming rig.

    A gaming desk is a good place to start, as this is where you’ll spend most of your time. The Arena Gaming Desk is 14 square feet of total gaming freedom. A Swedish design team constructed the desk with comfort and gameplay quality in mind. A unique cable management system helps keep your cables tucked away and organized no matter how many auxiliary devices you have hooked up.

    The all-metal base supports this desk that’s fully customizable to your height. When you’re customizing a room to meet your comfort needs exactly, this is the type of feature you can’t do without. EverDesk+ also offers the best gaming desk for your ultimate gaming experience. 

    2. The Best Tech

    It doesn’t matter if you have the best desk, the best chair, or a fridge filled with snacks – the most meaningful part of any gaming rig is the actual tech that powers your every move in the virtual world. If you’re designing your space with multiple ‘comfort spots’ – like a couch, reclining chair, or work station, having a portable rig is clutch.

    That’s why a gaming laptop could be your best friend. For example, the HP OMEN laptop is one of the best mobile choices for the gamer on the go.

    Don’t believe us? Just check out this HP OMEN laptop review from Forbes:  “designed for the gamer who truly wants everything, and we really mean it. From blazing performance to a full complement of expansion ports, the Omen X has it all… and it’s priced to match.”

    3. A Quality Desk Chair

    If your plan is to set up an area dedicated exclusively to gaming, you need a chair that feels like a throne. OPSEAT is the unquestionable dominating force in the world of gaming chairs. We get it, some days, gaming is more important than getting a full eight hours of sleep. Crafted by gaming industry professionals, this chair isn’t just a chair, it’s the foundation of your gaming rig.

    creative photo of onset
    Source – Gearstylmag


    • High-quality materials and construction
      • Perforated leather
      • Cold-molded foam
      • 4D armrests
      • Adjustable support pillows
      • Locking wheels
      • Solid metal frame
    • Color options to match any preferred color scheme
    • Full warranty and live support
    • Hours of comfortable sitting
      • Specifically designed to help reduce back pain with an ergonomic setup

    4. Snacks for Long Gaming Sessions

    This one extends past gaming and is just a man cave staple. When you’re trying to spend a little time away from the world, the last thing you want is to make a trip outside your den for snacks. That doesn’t mean wasting money on junk food, though.

    If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to Doritos or energy drinks, there are plenty of options for you. Green tea is a mellow way to add a little caffeine when you’re not ready to commit to 10 espresso shots. If you need to satisfy your hunger, however, snacks are in order.

    Our favorite gaming snacks:

    • Larabars: just dates and fruits!
    • Pita chips and hummus: This homemade recipe is the perfect answer to, “What do I eaaat?”
    • Pro Bar: Real food, non-GMO, protein – everything you need to keep you going!
    • BoBo’s Oat Bars: Healthy, delicious and full of slow-burning full to keep you satisfied.
    man playing shooting game on computer

    5. Internet for Champions

    Gaming is life, and a huge part of the experience is attributed to the speed and stability of the internet connection. Latency has no place in gaming, which requires you to be on your toes and fingers all the time. 
    Between wireless and wired connections, the latter is a better, more stable, and faster option.

    That’s why PC gamers are a master race. 
    To create a wired gaming setup, get yourself a switch with as many Ethernet ports as you like. It’s an effective way to multiply the number of Ethernet connections. All the better if it’s a managed switch because that means it can monitor traffic in your home network.


    When you’re trying to impress the advanced gamer in your life – the quality of your gift matters. Of course, it’s the thought that counts with giving gifts ultimately, but an amazing, functional gift your friend can actually use? Priceless.

    Make sure you find the perfect man cave neon sign to add when upgrading your man cave. Focus on one aspect of their gaming setup, like their chair, desk, snack situation, or technology. Or, maybe upgrade something smaller like their keyboard or give them a unique gift basket with portable speakers, a wireless mouse, a USB hub, and an external USB memory stick.

    The next time a gamer in your life has a birthday or another celebration where a gift is in order, simply use this article as a guide. We guarantee you’ll have a happy gamer on your hands.


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