What Are the Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Ownership?

    For some people, the idea of owning a motorcycle is quite literally a lifelong dream. However, the risks of motorcycle riding are high. 

    It’s important before you invest in a motorcycle that you carefully weigh the pros and the cons. 

    There are things you can do to reduce some of the risks, but you need to be prepared to do so. You need to be someone who is mindful of safety and risks every time you ride, and you need to take your time in getting accustomed to being on a motorcycle.

    The following are the pros and cons of having a motorcycle. 

    The Cons

    The downsides of having a motorcycle are mentioning first because they can be serious. Motorcycle cons include:


    Without a doubt, safety risks are the main downsides of having a motorcycle. Motorcycles are inherently dangerous and offer little-to-no protection if you’re in an accident. If you are in an accident, common motorcycle injuries include:

    • Traumatic brain injuries such as concussions
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Injuries to the lower extremities including crushed legs, ankles, and feet
    • Internal bleeding from organ damage or damaged blood vessels
    • Road rash, which occurs when you’re thrown off a bike, and then you slide along the ground beneath you

    If you follow safe riding practices, it can lower your risk of being in an accident, but you can’t control other drivers. 

    Person riding motorbike with all gear on

    You Need a Different License

    In many states, you’ll need a separate license if you’re going to ride a motorcycle on the roadways. You may have to take special courses to get it as well. 

    They’re a Target for Thieves

    If you’re planning to ride your motorcycle rather often, there’s something to think about—they’re magnets for thieves. Motorcycles are lighter than cars and more accessible. Stealing a motorcycle requires a lot less effort than stealing a car. 

    There are also certain types of motorcycles that are favorites among thieves more so than others. 

    You’re Beholden to the Weather

    If you just want to get a motorcycle as a hobby but you’ll keep your main form of transportation, the weather may not be as much of an issue for you. 

    If you want it to become your primary vehicle, that’s not the case. 

    Bad weather and riding a motorcycle are not two things that go well together. You’re more susceptible to hydroplaning if it’s raining and it’s uncomfortable to ride when you’re wet, as well as being dangerous. 

    If you live somewhere with extreme seasons or weather, there will be limited times you’ll have the opportunity to be on your motorcycle. 


    The expenses of a motorcycle can be a pro or a con, depending on how you plan to use one. 

    If you’re going to replace your current vehicle with a motorcycle as your primary form of transportation, then you’re going to likely spend less on the motorcycle itself and maintenance than a car or truck. 

    At the same time, if you just want to add a motorcycle to your vehicle lineup to use casually and as a hobby, then that added expense can be a downside of ownership. 

    The Pros

    Some of the upsides of motorcycle ownership include:

    Mental Health

    A lot of people find they enjoy mental health benefits when they ride a motorcycle. It can feel freeing and exciting. It’s a great way to enjoy being outdoors, getting fresh air and it can be relaxing. All of these factors mean your mental health may get a boost. 

    When you’re spending time outside in any capacity it can improve your mood, boost feelings of well-being, and reduce stress and anxiety. 

    You may find that endorphins are released in your brain as well. 


    Many people find that when they ride a motorcycle, they develop a new social circle of other riders. If you’re feeling lonely or isolated, this can be a big boost in your quality of life. It can keep you active and mentally stimulated. 

    Social connection is important, and developing these relationships can be challenging as you get older. 

    Money Savings

    Finally, this was touched on as a con as far as expenses go, but in some situations, motorcycles can be a money-saver if it becomes your main form of transportation. Motorcycles get significantly better gas mileage than cars. You can also pay less in insurance, but of course, you may not be able to ride a motorcycle year-round. 


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