Tips and Tricks To Apply Decals on Your New Helmet

    All set to hit the road and get the ultimate riding experience? But wait, before you go, remember to get that unique look to make sure you win in style! Like most players, you must have a new decal to apply to your helmet.

    You will find a wide range of decals at to choose from and display your talent and style to the world. If you feel confused about how to stick the decal to your helmet, then you are just in the right place. 

    You do not require any professional help to perform the task. We will provide you some tips and tricks that will allow you to do it all by yourself easily. All you need is a new helmet, a decal, and a little bit of effort. 

    So, read through this article for some valuable tips to apply your new helmet decals and complete your desired look!

    Steps To Apply Decals On To Your Helmet

    Here are a few steps you need to follow to get your new decal to fit perfectly to your helmet. Let’s take a look at them:

    1. Keep your helmet flat on a table and begin with taking off the sticker from the back of the decal. Be careful to not wrinkle or tear it and keep your hands away from the adhesive.
    2. Identify the area where you want to stick the decal and gently place the center of the decal onto the desired area of the helmet.
    3. Take a good look at the decal after placing it on your helmet. It should be straight and placed in the right area. If you find it in the wrong area, pull it up carefully and replace it to the correct location.
    4. Once your decal is in the right position, press its edges firmly with your palm and thumb to ensure it is attached perfectly.
    5. Make sure to lift the sticker and place it in the correct position if you see any wrinkles. Stick it entirely flat onto the helmet.
    Decals Helmet

    Important Tips To Stick Your Decal On To Your Helmet Effectively

    1. Ensure Getting High-Quality Decals

    Pick a high-quality and durable decal like beard stickers that can resist rigorous circumstances during riding. Make sure to get a decal that is thicker to last for a long time. 

    A thin or cheap decal will rip or tear quickly. It will fade away well before the season ends. When you get your decal, apply it to a clean and dry helmet. 

    Make sure there is no dust, grease, or moisture present on the helmet. These factors significantly affect the effectiveness of the adhesive, not letting the decal stick to the plastic properly. 

    You can also wipe-clean your helmet with a microfiber cloth or with lathered water. If you do so, give it sufficient time to dry completely. Consequently, it will give your helmet a shiny and attractive look for the big game. 

    Remember to not add any substance before attaching the decal that could affect the decal’s adhesive. 

    2. Paint Your Helmet If Needed

    You may need to repaint your helmet if you peel off the decal for any reason. The sticky decals take off the paint of your helmet, making it appear untidy. It is better to get a professional to repaint your helmet. 

    You may consider doing it yourself only if you have the old paint available that matches your helmet’s paint. Or else it will be quite difficult to match the exact paint. Another challenge you might face is the uneven paint levels, giving the helmet a low-quality finish and bumpy look.

    Further, many companies nullify the warranty if they find out the helmet’s owner has modified it in any way without any professional help. So, if anything happens to the helmet, be it a minor scratch or damage, the company will not replace or repair it and not take responsibility for any helmet-related issues.

    Therefore, it is best to either replace the helmet or ask a professional authorized by the helmet’s company to repaint it. The professionals make sure that your helmet appears great and complies with all safety standards. 

    3. Make Adjustments To Fit The Decal Perfectly

    Do not worry if you have decals that do not fit perfectly onto your helmet. You have various options to address this problem.

    Do not try to slide the oversized decal under your face mask. Doing so might worsen it and lead to a wrinkled and uneven appearance. To address this issue, you can simply take off the mask and place the sticker. This method will ensure a fine and even look.

    Besides, if the decal lies somewhere over the edges or holes, use a blade or scissors to cut the extra part of your sticker. This way, you can make it fit perfectly on your helmet.

    So, if you follow these steps and tips, you can have an incredible and stylish helmet on the field, allowing you to express your personality and talent!


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