The top 3 Day trips to Austin from Houston

    If you reside in Houston and are looking for the perfect place to unwind for a day by having some ample personal time, then Austin, the State Capital of Texas, should definitely be a feature among your favorite cities to visit. Besides building a rich reputation for music, there are a plethora of vibrant activities to engage in at the inland city. Located approximately 2 hours 30 minutes away from Houston, some of the remarkable day trips to Austin include:

    Zilker Metropolitan Park

    Zilker is one of the most highly regarded parks in Austin detailed with a beehive of recreational activities. As far as sporting is concerned, the well-maintained park presents you with the chance to engage in golf, volleyball from any of their five researchable courts,  baseball, softball, and soccer. Within the park also lies the 3 acres Barton Springs Pool ideal from swimming at any given time of the year.

    And if your kids are accompanying you for the day trip, do not let them miss the enjoyable ride on the small train. Additionally, you could also go canoeing with your crew and enjoy the nice relaxing atmosphere around the park.

    Zilker Metropolitan Park

    Other amenities included in the park are the Zilker Hillside Theatre where all performances are free and open to the public; and Zilker Botanical Gardens that is magnificently detailed with trees, aquatic life, and many other spectacular things to watch. As you get there from Houston, you could also spare some time to discover educational exhibitions at the Austin Nature and Science Centre established within the park.

    Texas State Capitol

    The Texas State Capitol building has a rich national, state, and local historical heritage you can explore either by yourself or a tour guide. If you want to explore it all at your own pace, you can take advantage of the tour pamphlet that will navigate you through the building and its environs. On the other hand, a tour guide can take you round the building for free within a range of 30-45 minutes.

    Texas State Capitol

    You will not only learn about the construction of the Texas State Capitol that was once the tallest building in Texas but also interesting war monuments and many other artifacts that provide historical information. If you are looking for so much history within the shortest time possible, a visit to building only takes an hour thereby making one of the most convenient choices for a day trip.

    Esther’s Follies

    Being entertained with an incredible comedy show that has been in existent for the last four decades is something that you would want to frequently experience after your first encounter with Esther’s Follies. The talented actors, musicians, and entertainers do an excellent job and will leave you full of laughter for the entire time you will be spending at the show. Despite it being a highly recommended show by the locals as well as many tourists, the tickets to the magical show are highly affordable. The timely jokes will leave you in joyful tears as you look forward to the next encounter.


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