Nightlife in Copenhagen: Seven Things to Do

    From theatres and live music venues to casinos and clubs. Copenhagen has an eclectic mix of nightlife entertainment to cater to all tastes. Here are seven things you can do next time you visit the trendy Danish capital city.


    Located in Nyhavn and the Royal Quarter, Skuespilhuset is a harborside playhouse where you can catch world-class productions of homegrown and international plays by the Royal Danish Theatre company. The productions range from classic plays to contemporary works. As Copenhagen’s most prominent theater, tickets often sell out quickly, so make sure you book in advance.

    Casino Copenhagen

    If you are looking for a little more action, Copenhagen is home to several casinos, and Casino Copenhagen is the best. It is also the largest casino in northern Europe. So expect to encounter a wide variety of games, such as Craps, Poker, and Roulette. There are also 140 slot machines, 20 touch-bet roulette terminals, 24 game tables, and a dedicated poker room. You can also dine at one of the casino’s three elegant restaurants. If you are still in the mood to play casino games but are feeling tired at the end of a night. You can always stay at the Casino Copenhagen’s attached hotel and play games like Live Roulette at an online live casino. Where you still get to interact with real dealers in real-time, only virtually.


    This music-focused bar only opened in 2018, but it has quickly become a firm favorite with trendy Danish locals. The drinks are great, and the music is even better. Whatever type of music you like, you should find something to enjoy at Joy. The bar hosts live bands from various genres, such as psychedelia and jazz, as well as DJ nights.

    Blue lights, people drinking in club and dancing

    Jazzhus Montmartre

    Speaking of jazz, you will find no better jazz venue in Copenhagen than the Jazzhus Montmartre in Strøget and the Latin Quarter. The venue has been a key part of Danish jazz since the 1950s. And has seen such greats as Dexter Gordon and Kenny Drew perform over the years. Today, you will find both local and international talent taking the stage at Jazzhus Montmartre. On concert nights, you can also enjoy a sumptuous three-course meal.

    Bastard Café

    Situated in Strøget and the Latin Quarter, you will find the strikingly-named Bastard Café. If you prefer to spend your time playing board games rather than hitting bars and clubs, this super-cozy place will feel like heaven. Do not expect Bastard Café to be full of geeks, though. You will find it is packed with hipsters enjoying a coffee or beer. While mingling with like-minded souls over one of the venue’s many games.

    Culture Box

    Whoop, whoop! If your idea of a night out is definitely not playing board games, you will want to check out one of Copenhagen’s best clubs: Culture Box. The city’s premier techno palace often sees sets by legendary DJs, such as Jeff Mills and Derrick May. You will hear the bass of the sound system long before you even get to the entrance of Culture Box. And if you need a break from thumping techno tunes, you can go downstairs to the dancefloor with more chilled music playing.


    Although Culture Box is a premier clubbing destination in Copenhagen, the king of the city’s nightlife is undoubtedly Vega. The club is housed in a listed landmark building. There is a large concert hall and a small concert hall: Big Vega and Little Vega. It is the latter that doubles as an immensely popular club, while the former is home to some of the best live music around. In fact, some mightily famous names have played at Big Vega over the years. Including secret gigs by David Bowie and Prince.


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