Sightseeing in Manhattan: Top 7

    The city of Manhattan is one of the most visited places in New York and for a good reason: it offers amazing activities and iconic places that make it the perfect place for sightseeing and exploring. 

    Here is a list of the top 7 most iconic locations to visit in Manhattan:

    Ellis Island

    This Island can be accessed by a ferry, the same one that will take you to the statue of liberty. It is an ideal location for people that seek a chance to explore history as it holds the famous Museum of immigration. This museum is the heart of history about immigration to America. 

    A memorial plaque is placed just next to the museum, inscribed with names of the heroes that took part in the immigration. 

    Empire State Building

    This iconic building is among New York’s most known tourist attractions due to its extraordinary features and history. In fact, the Empire State Building’s construction is very unique: starting in 1929, workers proceeded at a very fast pace and completed the skyscraper in just 23 weeks, setting a world record. 

    Still to this day, the observatories at the top of this amazing landmark allow tourists to have phenomenal view up to 90-miles into neighboring towns. The most beautiful sight area is on the 86th floor and is open air. 

    Rockefeller Center

    The Rockefeller Center is most known for the skating rink during winter. The plaza holds various shops, dozens of cafes, and a well-stocked farmer’s market. The plaza’s favorite location is the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, which has an unobstructed view of the skyline. It is open every day between 12 noon and 9 pm and tickets range between $30 and $40.

    Sightseeing Manhattan

    Museum of Modern Art

    The MoMA permanently exhibits some of the most famous modern art pieces. It is located north of the Rockefeller plaza and is designed with glass walkways that allow clear views. It also has a high-end restaurant and well-stocked bars with wide ranges of drinks. The MoMA also has a cinema that shows international films and curated talks. 

    Radio City Music Hall

    The Radio City Music Hall is another tourist attraction in Manhattan. It is also known as America’s Showplace and is designed with a modern design embracing art decoration architecture. The Radio City Music Hall has hosted worldwide live events that brought phenomenal celebrities and music icons to the city.

    Madison Square Garden

    Madison Square Garden was completed in the 1960s and was built to attract tourists via sports and entertainment shows. One of the most famous boxing events of all time, where Joe Frazier beat Muhammad Ali, was held here and it attracted over thirty thousand people. It is located in the center of Manhattan and is accessible from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Long Island.


    Broadway is the name used to refer to the Broadway theatre which is the best of the different theatre venues in the Theatre District. The Broadway Theatre is found on the Broadway street and is the pride of theatre in America. It prides in showcasing most of the newest shows and top-notch classics. 

    The above list is in no way a comprehensive one as Manhattan is always overflowing with beautiful sites and many activities to visit. It is impossible to see all of them in a day, and hence necessary to have ample time to explore the city.  


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