Australia’s Best Scenic Destinations for Avid Cyclists

    Australia is a dream destination for cyclists with a range of landscapes to explore. From riding through spectacular mountain scenery to pedaling through the bush or cycling along stunning stretches of coastline, Australia has something to offer every cyclist. Whether you want to embark on an epic multi-day adventure or you want to head off for a single-day ride, there are some beautiful scenic destinations for you to choose from. 

    The best time of year to explore Australia from the saddle of your bikes is from October to May when the weather and temperature are optimal for cycling. At this time of year, there is a range of festivals that you can include on your route. Whether you want to join the music-lovers at one of the country’s epic outdoor festivals, visit a foodie event to sample the best of Aussie produce or sample the most popular wines in the country at one of the many vineyard events, there will be a festival you can incorporate into your cycle trip through Australia. 

    Let’s take a look at just a few of Australia’s most scenic destinations to help you plan your next pedal-powered trip. 

    Cycle From Bondi To Mt Kosciusko 

    Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most prolific stretches of sand and it’s the perfect destination to begin this 658km trail. Taking in spectacular views of the Sydney skyline, cyclists will travel through the southern highlands and onward to inland New South Wales. The adventure really begins when you reach the Snowy Mountains, finishing your journey on top of Australia’s highest mountain, Mt Kosciusko. This trip takes 6-8 days on average and is on sealed roads, except for the final 9km. 

    The Amazing Wollemi Cycle Trail

    Located in the Blue Mountains, the Wollemi National Park lays claim as the site where prehistoric pine was first discovered in Australia. Just a few hours from Sydney, cyclists can feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city in this remote area. Travelling a total of 442km, taking an average of six days, cyclists can explore small inland towns from located near Katoomba. From here you ride to the Newnes Plateau before riding through The Glow Worm Tunnel that eventually leads to a remote valley. This amazing trail can be attempted any time of year and it requires a mountain or hybrid bike. 

    Tackle The Victorian Alps Cycle Trail

    Travelling through Ned Kelly country, the views of the Victorian countryside and mountains witnessed from the saddle are mindblowing. Riding along the highest continuous stretch of road in Australia, cyclists will be amazed by the expansive vistas on the Victorian Alps Cycle Trail. Requiring 8-10 days to complete, the trail covers a total of 426km, starting at Albury and climbing gradually for 50km taking you over Mount Hotham. This is not for the faint of heart but for those looking for some real adventure, the alpine scenery on this trail makes the effort more than worthwhile. 

    Explore Australia’s Stunning Scenery By Bike

    With so much to explore, Australia is an incredibly diverse destination for cyclists. Whether you want to taste the food, drink the wine, soak up the history or explore the outdoors, travelling by bike is a great way to explore the country. Take the time to plan your journey carefully so that you get the best weather and temperature to enjoy your trip. Many of Australia’s cycle trails can be extended or adapted so if there is something you want to see or experience, be sure to include it on your route. No matter where in Australia you choose to go on your next cycle adventure, you can be sure that it will be a trip to remember for all of the right reasons. With incredible views, friendly locals, awesome wildlife and great food, it won’t be long until you’re planning your next Australian cycle trip. 


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