5 Things to Pack for Your Vegas Trip

    Traveling to Sin City is the best way to get out of the house and relax for a few days. Whether you’re taking a solo trip or traveling with family and friends, there are some travel essentials you must pack. No one wants to go to Las Vegas and waste their time searching for things you forgot at home. Plus, buying stuff on the Strip can be pretty pricey.

    Once you have your flight and room already booked, there’s only one thing left to do – pack. Obviously, you will need clothes, toiletries, and a loaded credit card. But you’re going to Vegas, and things aren’t that simple there. This is a special trip, which means you need a special packing list to help you.

    If you are thinking about moving soon, then remember that it is much more difficult to collect all things than on vacation. After all, it is the right reliable packaging that will ensure the safety of your belongings, simplify loading and unloading, as well as unpacking things after moving, which means adaptation to a new place. Read more about how to properly pack clothes for moving here.

    Appropriate Clothes

    Although a vacation in Las Vegas calls for more casual outfits, especially on hot summer days, you should always come prepared. Once you’re done visiting the most popular tourist attractions wearing a simple everyday dress or some shorts and a tank top, it’s time to showcase your finest attire. If you’re not sure of what to wear in a casino, your packing list must include nice dresses and fancy outfits. That’s how you’ll look your absolute best at dinner parties, gambling nights, or in the club.

    Although Las Vegas is in the desert and almost always sweltering, inside the casinos can be freezing cold. Air conditioners in there work 24/7 to compensate for the heat, and as a result, casinos are very chilly. Thus, a nice sweater or a light jacket is a must-have item. Make sure to check the weather forecast before traveling so you can dress accordingly.

    If you plan to explore the Strip or visit nearby attractions, then you’ll also need comfortable options. Oh, and don’t forget your bathing suit either!

    Footwear for All Occasions

    You cannot go to Las Vegas without a pair of fancy heels or elegant dress shoes. This is a vital Vegas essential for both the ladies and the gentlemen. Make sure to bring a few pairs to match your evening outfits, and you will surely attract the attention of the crowds. Can’t walk in heels? No problem. Get yourself some dress sandals to change into when you get tired, and you’re good to go.

    Yet, Vegas is not only partying and gambling. So, you’ll also want some comfy shoes for your exploration adventures as well as flip flops for when you’re chilling by the pool.

    Sun Protection

    More than 300 days a year are sunny in Las Vegas, which means you can easily get sunburnt. To avoid that, you need a few things for protection. Pack some sunscreen to avoid looking like a lobster after a long pool day. Sunglasses are also a necessity for obvious reasons, and of course, you will need a hat because it’s not only a trendy accessory, but it also protects your head from the sun. Your chapstick is a must, as well! If you have a refillable water bottle, make sure to pack it and stay hydrated during the hot Las Vegas days.


    Hangovers and Sin City go hand-in-hand, and what do you need after a crazy night and countless shots? Of course, some medicine. Make sure to pack enough Advil and Ibuprofen to drink the morning after a night out, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to get a mini first-aid kit as well. Bandaids and some electrolytes will help you patch up any unexpected injuries quickly and efficiently. With the COVID pandemic still around, you may also want to bring some hand sanitizer with you.

    Other Vegas Essentials

    Rounding up this list with five things only is pretty much impossible knowing the scope of every Las Vegas adventure. So, here are several other must-pack items that will ensure you have a great time in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

    • Camera – You can always take awesome photos with your phone, yet pro shots with a camera or polaroid photos take your memories to the next level.
    • Phone charger – Sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how many Vegas visitors forget to bring their charger.
    • Earplugs – Sin City gets noisy, and sleeping is often impossible unless you have earplugs.
    • ID – Many Vegas activities are 21+ only, so a valid identification document is a must.

    Final Words

    Overall, packing for your Las Vegas trip shouldn’t be stressful if you know what you need. With our help, you can complete that tedious task quickly and then focus on what really matters. Well, what are you waiting for? Book those tickets and pack those bags. Vegas is waiting for you in all its glamour!


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