5 Great Books About Travel

    Love travel books and looking for your next great read? Here are 5 of our recommended books about travel to keep you entertained.

    1.Eat Pray Love

    This famous book tells the story of one woman, Elizabeth Gilbert, who, after a series of unfortunate events, decides to travel the world on her own. Her travels are fueled and characterized by those three actions which include, eating, praying, and loving, hence the title.

    Elizabeth travels to Italy which is well known for its famous cuisine, hence checking off eat from her to do list. The book further describes how she went to India to connect with her spiritual side, that is, pray and how she finally finds love in Bali.

    eat pray love book cover

    2. The Alchemist

    Paulo Coelho does not disappoint in this riveting tale of a boy’s adventure. The book describes the story of Santiago, a young shepherd boy who leaves his country to go to the Egyptian desert in pursuit of treasure. The story tells of his many encounters with various individuals, such as a Gypsy lady, a man who identifies as a king and the Alchemist himself.

    All of these play a vital role in helping him find his treasure. It is a warm tale full of travel inspiration and the connection between humanity and spirituality.

    The Alchemist book cover

    3. Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure

    This is a fun and adventurous story about a woman who, after traveling all around her country India, finds herself loathing the place and decides to go to a different location. Before leaving, however, a beggar reads her palm and predicts that she would eventually have to return to India, a  claim which she, of course, rejects.

    The love of her life does get posted to India after a couple of years and then the prophecy comes true. It is now up to the lady to find her peace with the country so that she can finally be at peace with herself.

    holy cow an indian adventure book cover

    4. The Art of Travel

    Alain De Botton is a well-known philosopher who has published a couple of books and done talks explaining various concepts and their impact on our daily lives. In this book, he seeks to answer some vital questions on travel, for instance, what exactly compels us to constantly engage in the activity and some of the benefits and downsides of doing so.

    The book explores all travel aspects and how they relate to us, thus making it an enjoyable, informative, thoughtful read.

    the art of travel book cover

    5. Lost on Planet China

    China is one of the most industrious and fast-growing countries in the world. It has a quite high population and is filled with hardworking, kind citizens that mostly work two jobs in a day.

    This huge country is endowed with a lot of rich culture and history and is home to one of the great wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China. In this book, Maarten Troost narrates some of his adventures in China, from strange dishes in various restaurants to hiking one of China’s most revered mountains with a bunch of other travelers.

    He gives us a sneak peek into the modern, fast-paced world that is China, whose uniqueness and individuality warrants it the title of being a type of planet all on its own.

    lost on planet china book cover

    What other books have you been reading on your travels? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and we can add them to our reading list.


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