5 Factors to Check out Before Considering Camper Van Rental

    No matter wherever you travel, campervan travel has no match. You can design the ideal campervan vacation for you, whether your idea of fun is bungee jumping off a bridge or lounging on a beach with a good book.

    Traveling in a campervan gives you the comfort and flexibility to explore at your speed. You’ll be able to travel with everything you need with a little spontaneity. Campervan travel checks all the boxes for ease, affordability, flexibility, and convenience for everyone from singles to couples, families to groups of friends.

    Below is a list of things to look out for before considering Denver camper van rental

    1. Bond

    Every vehicle and campervan rental company in the world has a bond. It implies you are protected if the car or campervan sustains damage. The last thing you want to do when your trip is paid for van dings and damages. Compare the various bond choices, and make sure you have enough available credit on your card to meet the required bonds.

    2. Check the Inclusions

    Depending on the rental agency, you might not need to carry anything more than clothes and food. Campervans include tables, chairs, culinary equipment, linens, and beds. However, if you need extras like child seats and navigation systems, you might need to ask for them. Of course, you may expect to pay more for your campervan if it has additional bells and whistles.

    Insurance is never included, so you’ll need to take care of this before your vacation departs.

    3. Campervan Rental Restrictions

    Different countries will have different rental limits. There may be a premium for drivers under 25, and the minimum age requirement is frequently 21. Most places won’t need a special license, but you will need a fully operational, non-provisional driver’s license. Some nations could require you to hold an international driving permit, or if not, one that has been translated into English.

    Remember that a campervan typically has a minimum hire time, unlike renting a car. It implies that renting a campervan for a single day or weekend vacation may be challenging.

    4. Size/Luggage

    Size can be funny, particularly if you are traveling on a tight budget. What matters most is how long you intend to spend in your campervan. Some campervans are like vehicles and don’t allow you to sit or stand inside, while other campervans are much larger and provide space for both your rucksack and a case of beer. 

    Discover what is important to you for yourself. Spending a little bit more money to have that extra space is worthwhile if you plan to be on the road for a few weeks. For example, you can avoid lugging your luggage back and forth between the back seats, the trunk, and the driver’s cabin.

    5. Transmission

    You won’t have to worry if you know how to operate a manual transmission. If you can’t, though, you could get into trouble. Many customers are used to riding in automatic cars and are shocked when they pick up their hired van and find it has a manual transmission. Make sure you are at ease with the transmission before renting a campervan. The transition from manual to automated is quite simple. The opposite way around, on the other hand, cannot be taught in 5 minutes.


    Campervan travel doesn’t have to be difficult. Do your homework and note the pertinent advice and recommendations to make the most of your trip time.


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