5 Best Ways to Earn Money if you’re a Traveler

    If you’re a world traveler deep down in your heart, but lack the funds to travel, or don’t have enough to visit all the distant places you want to, fear not, as there are plenty of ways for you to earn some extra cash while travelling the world.

    Many of us feel best in the comfort of our job, but there are so many new things to experience and it would have been a shame not to, especially if you want to travel. You can also use your wish to travel and make money out of it.

    Take a look at the 5 best ideas to earn more money while travelling.

    1. English teacher

    There’s been a great demand for English, and in order for you to teach it, in most cases you don’t need a certificate, just the fact that you’re a native speaker of this language. You can choose two different options for this. Firstly, you can try and find a local English language school and ask if they’re in need of a native speaker.

    The second option would involve teaching online. There are many websites that deal with this, and most of them are meant for teaching English to people in rural parts of Asian countries. This could be a great opportunity, as you will be sitting in the comfort of your own hotel room or a local cafe and talk in your mother tongue.

    2. Travel blogger


    If you’re already travelling, why not make money out of it? Travel blog and, more importantly, travel Instagram accounts are extremely popular nowadays, so you can jump on this train while it’s still on the rise. There are only three things that you need: a good destination, being a good writer and having an eye for photography.

    Even though it’s not easy to earn a lot of money by solely having your own travel blog / Instagram, there is a high chance that you might land with free accommodation in a certain hotel or resort in exchange of you advertising it online.

    3. Online work

    Online freelance work could also be an option, and a rather profitable one for that matter. One of the things that are gaining a lot of popularity and can turn out to be financially rewarding is by doing paid surveys online wherever you are.

    Basically, for every survey that you do, you will be rewarded with points which you can later on redeem for cash. This could be a great career if you’re an opinionated person! However, there are other online freelance jobs out there, just make sure to look up some of the websites that deal with this.

    4. Photography 

    Photography is extremely popular nowadays, and with all the tutorials online, you can grow to be the best travel photographer out there. All you need is a good camera and several hours of training and a lot of practice.

    Later on, you could establish your own photography website and sell your photos to either people, companies or sell them to iStock. Not only can it be very profitable, but you’ll get to enjoy every step of the photography journey as it’s one of the most interesting and artistic jobs there are.

    5. Selling things online

    Buying different unique things and reselling them online is also a great idea for earning some cash. There are many things that you cannot buy in a foreign country, and you will always find people who want to buy something that’s from an exotic country.

    Also, you can sell handmade stuff that you make from any part of the world, just make sure to establish a good Facebook or Instagram page so that you catch the attention of buyers.

    As you can see, earning extra cash while travelling is not a difficult thing, you just need to know what to pay attention to and come up with an idea.

    Let’s hope we gave you one, so feel free to explore the world and make that money rain!


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