3 Reasons Why People Use Lyft Over Uber

    The days of taking a taxi are diminishing due to the creation of Lyft and Uber. Lyft and Uber provide you the ability to access a ride from an app on your phone. You have probably heard your friends mention that they use Lyft or Uber from time to time when they are in need of a ride home after a fun night out with friends or they are traveling and need a taxi. More and more people are choosing to hire an Uber or Lyft car instead of hiring a taxi. There are many reasons for this such as saving money, having the ability to hail a ride from an app on their phone, and the convenience of the service. While this article is not about choosing a taxi over Lyft or Uber, it is about reasons as to why people will choose Lyft over Uber.


    While you are going to be able to tip Uber drivers in the very near future, this has not always been a feature that was permitted. Many people appreciate a nice, safe ride home and are comfortable tipping accordingly. Having the ability to leave a few extra dollars for the driver on to the cost of the ride is something that consumers actually prefer to have access to. Now, Uber riders can easily give their driver a cash tip but often times people prefer to leave a tip on their credit card through the app as it is much more convenient than pulling out your wallet and counting out bills.


    While Uber and Lyft rates are fairly equal, a recent study showed that in a busy area such as Los Angeles, Lyft actually has a smaller surge charge. A surge charge is an increased rate due to heavy traffic, rush hour, or other peak hours in the day. You will be notified that it is a surge period and you can decide to cancel the ride or continue on with it. Users also state that Lyft has less of a minimum charge for a ride than Uber does. It could be that this is because of Uber’s lack of tipping option but it may not be. Regardless, consumers prefer Lyft because of cost.

    How you are treated

    In the studies we researched for this article, we learned that most consumers who have used Lyft and Uber prefer Lyft drivers and feel that they are treated better in a Lyft car. While there is not data to indicate that this is the case, one could hypothesize that the reason that they receive a nicer driver with Lyft is because there is the ability to tip.

    There are several tangible reasons as to why consumers prefer Lyft over Uber such as the ability to tip, the overall experience of the ride, and the cost difference. While it was not mentioned much, many do appreciate the Lyft user interface on the app and prefer to use it over Uber. Which do you prefer? If you want to give it a try, check out for a promotion code.


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