Top Signs to Recognize a Potential Crazy Girlfriend

    If you are looking for a girlfriend, you want someone who is lovable, respectful, and beautiful. Of course, no man wants to get a girlfriend who has crazy behaviour that causes embarrassment everywhere you go or puts your life in some form of danger. But how can you tell that she a crazy drama queen before you commit yourself to the relationship?

    Well, there are many things you can look for and tell. Even if she wants to, she cannot hide it for long. So, open your eyes and look at the following top signs to recognize a potential crazy girlfriend.

    She Playfully Hits You Hard

    Many crazy people are fond of hitting others unconsciously when talking or doing something together. Sometimes, they can hurt you and never realize that they do. If your potential girlfriend hits you when you are talking or carelessly touches you, then this is a big red flag that she is the crazy type. You may need to buy a helmet, just kidding!

    When She Hates Your Parents or Hers

    It sounds weird to hate the parents of the man you love, or your parents for that matter. If your potential girlfriend hates your parents from the first time they meet, then you should know that she is the crazy type. She might have her reasons for such a reaction, but she should take her time to get to know your parents, especially if you plan to move the relationship to the next level.

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    She Causes Drama Everywhere

    Most people are meeting and dating online before they meet physically. Hence it has become a normal source of relationships. But people get to know their partners more when they meet physically. If your potential girlfriend starts to cause drama everywhere you two go after deciding to meet, then she is the crazy type and you should make a quick decision about if you want to live with such embarrassments.

    When Her Laughter is Scary

    Have you met the crazy people who laugh uncontrollably and scares everyone? If your girlfriend’s laughter is a scare or if she laughs for no reason, then she might be the crazy type. However, you might need to take time to know if this is her norm or if it is just that she is happy to have a potential boyfriend of her dreams. But if this is her norm, then she might be a crazy potential girlfriend.

    Her Moods Changes Frequently

    It is normal for women to have mood swings once in a while. But if this happens often and for no good reason, then there might be a problem. More so, if she turns angry, violent, wants to be alone, and behaves in a crazy way. You have to be careful to know whether indeed you want to continue with your relationship with a woman with a lot of mood swings.

    With all of these signs of a crazy girlfriend, the decision to continue or terminate the relationship lies with you. Take some time to think about it and then make a final decision.


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