Top Five Most Charming Countries to Visit as a Digital Nomad

    The recent global events have outlined the benefits of working remotely online. The digital nomad community has been around for decades, dating back to 1990s. The term was at first used to describe a lifestyle infused with high-tech tools and travelling. However, as the technology became even more advanced the possibilities of working as a digital nomad have become practically limitless. This means that this nomadic lifestyle is not reserved exclusively for a selected few people with a specific job. Nowadays, most jobs can be done online, whether that is project management, accounting, software development, writing and even creative design work. All it takes is a stable connection, a reliable laptop and a good idea of which places to visit. The rapid boom of working as a digital nomad has brought many new interesting places to the spotlight. Here is a closer look at the top five most charming countries to visit as a digital nomad.  


    One of the most enchanting countries next to the Adriatic Sea is definitely Montenegro. This is a perfect place to visit alone when you are planning to fully commit to a project and produce your best work. Each city in this country has something unique to offer, you just have to commence your journey. One of the best places to start with is definitely Tivat, which is a modern city full of life. It offers an incredible luxury property for long-term rent in Montenegro in a beautiful marina setting, which is one of the most spectacular places in the region. There you will be able to enjoy all the wonders of the Adriatic, taste amazing food and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the modern-day life as you work on your projects. The best thing of all is that there is an easily accessible airport in Tivat, which will take you just a few minutes to reach. In addition to that, you should also stop by the Bay of Kotor which features a beautiful old Venetian town and a breath-taking bay with some of the most fascinating yachts in the world.


    Greece is by far the most important country for understanding the core principles of European culture and history. The food is amazing, the people are incredibly welcoming and the story behind this country is by far the most epic. If you want to catch the glimpse of this country’s marvelous history you should consider visiting Athens, the country’s capital. Unlike most cities of the world, Athens doesn’t feature gigantic towering skyscrapers. This was done in order to avoid obstructing the spectacular view of the Parthenon. This legendary temple is visible from every corner of the city. This magnificent place is also home to a strong coworking community with many hubs throughout the city. 


    Thailand is considered to be a digital nomad’s paradise. This is because the mesmerizing island country is in a single-flight range from many other captivating places for digital nomads, such as Taiwan, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Thailand stands out with its many beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water, which will leave you inspired to take on any work-related challenge. In addition, for those who are adventurers at heart there are various exhilarating activities which you can do on a daily basis to ensure maximum enjoyment.  


    Singapore is also a really big contender on the list because it is one of the largest tech hubs in the world. In Singapore you won’t ever have to worry about delaying your projects or missing important video calls, because this country features some of the fastest internet connections in the world. There are amazing locations to visit such as the vivacious green spaces like the Bay Garden. This place is a true representation of the country’s skillful blend of technology and nature. You will definitely have some of the most unique experiences in this country, because of its multicultural networking possibilities. 


    Georgia is one of the countries that offers free one-year visas and is home to many innovative ideas aimed at attracting digital nomads. It is also one of the first countries to offer an actual digital nomad visa. The country’s capital, Tbilisi is one of the most unique places in the world as it offers a seamless blend of both the old Ottoman culture and the atmosphere of modern European cities. 

    Digital nomads around the world are changing the perception of travelling. Thanks to this digital movement, many new interesting places have been able to garner the recognition that they genuinely deserve. Some of the most notable places worth exploring include Montenegro, Greece, Thailand, Singapore and Georgia. Each place will reward you with a unique set of experiences and new networking possibilities.


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