Personal Style Tips For Men

    If you want to become a master of excellent style, you’ll need to learn some simple tips. It’s really rather easy to seem sharper than other men, and it only needs a little bit of knowledge and practice. Thankfully style tips are easy to come by and they can be condensed into a few, memorable rules.

    Therefore, here are some tips on how to build your personal style as a man, so make sure to read on!

    Know your body type

    It takes practice to get familiar with your body type and how to dress to bring out your finest assets. No one is able to wear every single cut of clothing, so don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t fit or looks weird on you. We’re all different!

    So, if you’re looking for clothing that matches your body shape, listen up!  If you have stronger calves, don’t wear tight-fitting pants. When it comes to coats, shorter men should go for a hem that falls at the hips rather than the crotch. Additionally, wear a jacket without padding if you have large shoulders, but a well-condstructed one should be your go-to if you’re tall and lanky.

    Know your basics

    If you don’t have men’s fashion essentials what are you doing?! Trying to build a personal style without the basics is like trying to ride a wheelless bike!

    First, let’s talk about tops. For winter it’s good to have a neutral-colored knitted sweater that will elevate every outfit. The hotter months necessitate items like men’s Terry Cloth Polo which comes with a zipper to make the shirt even more versatile. Of course, white and black shirts are also a must-have.

    When it comes to pants, neutral-hued chinos and jeans should find their place in every man’s wardrobe, while white sneakers and smart leather shoes are a staple when it comes to footwear.

    Think the colors through

    Stick with neutral colors like navy, brown, black, white, and grey, instead opting for darker yellows, reds, and greens if you wish to go simple. Don’t go overboard with the color. Let a single item of apparel stand out. 

    The key to creating a cohesive look is to combine many tones of the same color in a single ensemble. Consider a black t-shirt worn beneath a blue blazer and light-wash jeans for an outfit that’s both classic and on-trend.

    Skip out on the logos

    A common question from readers is “How to improve my fashion sense as a new dad?” Well, the key is to be taken more seriously – you don’t want to look like a kid when you’re taking your newborn out for a stroll.

    Therefore, stay away from anything that has designs, logos, or crazy prints on it. This includes t-shirts, sweaters, and even jeans.

    You’ll look as if you’re going to a college party when you wear a branded t-shirt. Although logos aren’t always an indication of poor style, sticking with solid colors will make you seem more mature and polished.

    Invest in accessories

    For some reason, many men are wary of buying accessories if it’s not a leather watch. Of course, having an expensive-looking watch is a great start but we believe that a well-rounded wardrobe consists of more. 

    Look into bags that will not only make your life easier by not holding your essentials in your pockets, but they’re also easy to pair with many outfits. Furthermore, simple silver or gold necklace can really bring every outfit to life.

    Though men’s fashion tends to be simple and relies on classic styles, a lot of men still tend to get lost in microtrends and fad fashions. We hope that our five-step guide has helped you bring out your style to the max. Just focus on neutral colors and fine fits, and you’re good to go!


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