How to Travel with Your Vape

    Most vapers are hesitant to leave to the corner store without their vaping gear, and only crazy vapers dare to travel without their devices. Luckily, most travel destinations allow vaping, with some exceptions. Airline regulations are also getting tougher and tougher, so you might want to get familiar with the regulations. Can you bring your vape with you on the plane? How do you pack your gear? Where can you smoke while on the go? Find out in this handy travel guide for vapers. 

    Know the laws

    Before you embark on your adventure with your vape in hand, you need to know the vaping laws of the country. If you’re traveling to or within the US or Canada and Europe you will most likely not come across any obstacles. However, some countries ban vaping and the use of e-cigarettes and have strict consequences if you break the law. It’s important to know that vaping laws usually change quickly, so make sure to get the freshest information from government websites—you can always check with the embassy of the destination country if you’re unsure. 

    Pack it in your carry-on

    Taking vape juice on a plane is the most simplest part of flying with your vape gear. Vape juice can be taken on board a plane in both carry-on and checked bags and luggage. Since most vape kits and pod mods run on batteries, they need to be placed in your carry-on bag. Transportation administration prohibits the transportation of battery-powered devices in checked bags, so no matter what kind of vaping item you have (e-cigarette, vaporizer, vape pen, atomizer and any sort of electronic nicotine delivery system) you can only put it in your carry-on or carry it on your person. 

    Keep your gear protected

    Imagine arriving at your destination just to realize your vaping device didn’t make it through the trip. Or imagine seeing that your vape juice has leaked all over your clothing or laptop. Any damage to your supplies will not only ruin other things in your carry-on or your pocket but also mess with the functionality of the device and cause various safety issues. So packing carefully is the key to vaping on your vacation. If you like to travel light, grab the best disposable vape pen you can just toss when you’re done and not worry about packing for your way back. Keep the following in mind: 

    • Keep your vaping devices and e-cigarettes in sleeves or cases to prevent rolling around loosely in your bag (this can cause scratches, dents, cracks and even fires). 
    • Store battery according to the manual to prevent damage or short circuits. 
    • Keep all your bottles and juices tightly closed with tape and appropriate bottle caps. If you have several bottles in your luggage, make sure to place a piece of cloth or paper between them to minimize the chances of breaking.

    What about your e-juice?

    According to regulations, all liquids on planes need to be packed in one-quart zip-top bags, and this concerns vape juice as well.  You can easily pack a 3.4-ounce bottle and put it in your liquids bag and you won’t have any issues with your standard 30 ml, 60 ml or 100 ml bottles. Larger e-liquid bottles will need to be transferred into smaller ones or wrapped securely and placed in your checked bag. When it comes to TSA-approved liquid bags, you can get them in travel stores, pharmacies and most big-box stores.  

    Keep your supplies dry

    All your vape supplies need to be kept try, so place them in a plastic bag. There are waterproof pouches that work well for travel. If you’re planning to hit the beach or go boating and kayaking, it’s best to keep your gear protected in pouches. Also, a protective cape case is a great idea, especially if you can find a case fit for your device. 

    Can you vape at the airport?

    In most cases, vaping is the same as smoking, so you can’t use your device at the airport. When it comes to airport smoking, you can do it at designated smoking lounges if you can find them (they are quite rare today). Of course, vaping on the plane is prohibited and if you’re caught, you can face fines of several thousand dollars. 

    If you follow the law, you can travel with your vape device without any issues. Once you arrive, respect the laws of the country and be polite. Vape only if legal and don’t blow the vapor into other people. If you keep these tips in mind, you will avoid problems and enjoy your trip. 


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