How to Renovate a Condo with a Tight Budget

    Have you bought a condo, or are you looking to renovate an old one? It is an opportunity to make your fantasies come true and make the environment more pleasant. But renovations require money. There may be a few ways by CSG Renovation Inc to make your apartment perfect while saving money, though. Let’s take a look at them. 

    Paint the Walls

    The walls set the tone for the whole room. You can be amazed by how big of a difference changing just the wallpaper or paint makes. It’s not as expensive as a full-scale renovation and takes little time (from two to four hours per room), but it’s enough to refresh the premises. The same goes for the floor. Parquet or laminate is quite high-priced, so that you can consider carpet. Even a small one will add an accent to the space.

    Work on the Lighting

    Are you still using big lights that cover the whole room? Consider more localized options. Stores offer many small lamps, garlands, candles, etc., which only light a certain area of the room. Choose them according to the condo style, but you might want to focus on warm ones. It will make even the grayest room comfortable. 

    Add Plants

    Greenery adds life and freshness to any interior. Place them on windowsills and shelves or hang them in pots. Pots will also become an essential interior element, so choose wisely. Monochromatic ones will suit any style, but bright ones will add a zest. 

    To select the right plants for your condo, first assess the lighting and climatic conditions of the space. For example, varieties that grow well in low-light conditions include sansevieria and zamioculcas. For rooms with plenty of natural light, ficus and spathiphyllums are suitable.

    Change Windows and Doors

    It’s not the cheapest way, but it is effective. Upgrading windows and doors can significantly improve your life quality and overall comfort. High-quality designs provide energy efficiency and sound insulation. And successful light options will visually increase the area, which is always an advantage. 

    Update the Kitchen and Bathroom

    These two always require the most money for significant repairs due to the high cost of equipment and construction materials cost. That’s why we don’t consider replacing a bathtub or refrigerator and stick to small details instead. Buy new towels, bottles for liquids, and a foot mat. Make them in the same color or those that complement each other. 

    You can also add stickers to the tiles, especially since they can be removed or changed at any time. Add vases, napkins, small figurines, and other decorative items. The main thing is that they look harmonious and not too much. 

    Get Rid of Junk

    It’s a pretty obvious point, but it’s easier said than done. From time to time, we all want to keep that thing we don’t need because it might come in handy. But it clogs space and leaves no place to put new ones. Sell what is in good condition. It will also add money to the renovation budget. Give everything else for recycling or to specialized companies that accept these things. 

    Do-It-Yourself Repair

    That’s an excellent way to save money and control the process. In Toronto, the specialist services cost differs depending on the work type, size of the premises, and level of complexity. Average prices for work include:

    • Roofing: Between $3 and $20 per square foot, depending on the materials and type of coating.
    • Plumbing: from $1,500 for the whole work, but the price varies depending on the task’s specifics.
    • Electrical: From $100 per hour.

    Prices can also vary depending on the specialists’ rating and experience. If you can do it yourself or with the help of your friends, do it. Before you start, check the basics, watch related videos, and read articles. This way, you will do a better job, and the repair will last longer. Plus, you won’t waste materials. 

    Where to Start? 

    The first step is budget planning. It’s even better to break it down by room or other categories. Create a detailed work plan, including a list of needed materials and tools – pre-planning helps to avoid unexpected expenses and unnecessary stress.

    When you have everything, start small. For beginners, it’s easier to paint walls and replace door handles than to remove the floor. Small steps’ success will inspire you for the following tasks. So, step by step, you will update the critical elements in your condo and enjoy its new look without spending a lot of money.


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