How To Give Your Mancave A Cozier Vibe

    Everyone needs their own space to de-stress and relax. This is the reason why mancaves exist since it’s essentially a private sanctuary where men can get away from the outside stresses of the world or unwind with some friends. With the majority of people spending more time at home, mancaves have become a valuable space for men where they can have some personal time to themselves without leaving the house. In fact, recent house trends show that after the pandemic hit, 27 percent of homebuyers have been wanting houses with more rooms and more privacy

    Mancaves can be transformed into different kinds of spaces such as a gaming center, bar, movie theater, gym, library or a home office. Whatever way you decide to use your mancave, it’s important that you feel comfortable and enjoy spending time in that space, and these suggestions might help add to the coziness of your mancave.

    Picking the right tone and theme

    The right colors can definitely set the right mood for your mancave. Dark and neutral colors are common color choices for men and can help give that feeling of casual calmness or a sharp look. Gray colors can also give a cold vibe though, so it’s recommended that you balance it out with colors such as yellow, orange or brown to brighten it up. Not all mancaves have to be limited to dark colors, as there are those who prefer lighter colors to make their mancave look cheerful and inviting. The use of the color red, for instance, gives off a bold impression. 

    Candles to help you relax

    Overly flowery or perfumed scents aren’t popular with men, but a clean-smelling living space is always appreciated. Candles can give a nice aesthetic touch whether your mancave is a leisurely lounge with plush sofas, or a classy gentleman’s space surrounded by bookshelves or artworks of your preference. Scented candles can help give a calming ambience to your mancave that can help you destress if you’re in the mood for some peace and quiet. Particular sweet scents like vanilla have also been shown to curb the cravings to snack, which can help you out if you’re ever on a diet. 

    Personalize your space with your collection

    If you’ve got a collection that you want to show off, you can create a space in your mancave dedicated to it. It’s even possible to create a mancave based solely on your collection. Music enthusiasts usually create a space for albums, CDs or instruments. Others have a space for their favorite sport by displaying equipment, posters or trophies. You may also want to put up a display for your comic books, figures, games of your favorite series, or books of your preferred genre. Neatly arrange your shelves or display case to make your collection easier to look at and admire. It’s a great way to make your mancave feel more like you since you’re displaying your preferences and hobbies. 

    What makes mancaves so enjoyable is that you are free to customize your own personal space. Any transformations you make don’t have to be too costly either, as you can pull them off by making simple rearrangements or adding accessories available in your home. Every person deserves an opportunity to escape from stress and have a place to call their own, so take some time to make your mancave cozier and better. 


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