How to find The Best Spin Bikes

    When it comes to weight loss, a spin bike is one of the best pieces of gym equipment that you can invest in. The fact that many people queue up at the gym to get enrolled into the spin bike class means that more people are appreciating this type of equipment. It is equipment that offers people a figure-friendly exercise. It is also true that a one-hour spinning exercise can help one to burn up to 1200 calories.

    This sounds great. So, are there cheaper alternatives to Peloton that one can find at the stores? What are some of the factors that one should be looking out for when they are buying a spin bike? Well, this is what we shall discuss in this article.

    Here are some of the things to consider when buying the best spin bikes:

    Personal needs and your budget

    Your personal needs as an athlete or as an individual will help you to determine the kind of a spin bike for short person you need for your use. If you just want to fix your weight without the need for you using the spin machine for a long period of time, then the cheaper model will work for you. You can find one that will serve this purpose and still last for a few years.

    As such, you will save your money and still be able to use the machine for your weight loss needs. There are professional athletes who need to use their spin bikes for a longer period of time. For these ones, they will need to find sturdier and reliable spin bikes that can last them as long as they require the bikes. However, such bikes will normally be expensive.

    Features to be on the lookout for

    Spin bikes come equipped with features like the heart rate monitor, the display screen and such. However, the basic models of spin bikes will not have all these features and come quite straightforward. They may have just the handlebars, the pedals, and the saddle.

    Many users will prefer a spin bike that offers more features such as a display screen that will show you the number of calories burned, distance covered and so on. Consider the flywheel too. Try a model that has a 40lbs flywheel as this offers some better challenge to your movements, hence a better workout.

    Resistance and comfort

    This is another very important factor one needs to consider when buying a spin bike. Some spin bikes will offer one the option to choose the level of tension. This can be a good thing for the new users who will find it better in enhancing their metabolism. They can use this feature to sustain a lengthier and a more challenging workout. 

    Consider the braking mechanism offered by your indoor spin bike. Some models will offer magnetic brakes with these bikes; the tension level will be set by the series of magnets installed. Some more basic models of spin bikes have belt drives. These could be the most recommended and reliable bikes.

    However, it is good to be aware of these features as they will help you to choose a suitable spin bike for your needs.


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