What You Should Know About Yoga – Beginner’s Guide

    Beginning a yoga practice is an act of self-love, an initial step into a healthier more mindful lifestyle and a great way to build stamina and increase your flexibility. This quarantine may have helped you realize that if you’re not moving enough or stretching your body every day, you will not only end up with physical stiffness and pain but you will also end up feeling bad about everything and won’t have enough energy to even get up to take a shower. 

    According to Motherhoodcommunity, Yoga is very beneficial for your emotional and physical well being. If you succeed in building a habit of practicing yoga daily you will experience progress with your body and your mind. 

    This is everything you need to know about yoga as a beginner.  

    The different benefits of Yoga 

    A daily yoga routine will help you become more relaxed, it will ease off all the anxiety and stress you might be experiencing daily. Especially with a pandemic going on, nobody is certain of anything anymore and this may leave you feeling insecure and nervous. However, yoga will be able to help you relieve all the tension in your body. 

    Yoga will help you build your muscles and take control, which does a great deal of good for the nerves of your body by allowing better circulation. It will enhance your bodily functions as well as your digestive function, helping you find peace and become full of energy all day long. It will also help you sleep better and wake up more energized since it also allows you to reach a state of deeper relaxation. You will be able to find balance and build stamina; so if you’re looking for a workout that looks easy but will make you outrun a CrossFit freak any day, then this is the kind of practice for you. It will even help you breathe better and will enhance your ability to focus and allow you to become more productive. 

    Mastering poses

    Anyone can take up yoga, it’s a practice that can help everybody exercise and stretch their body to improve its functions. Even though yoga looks easy, some of the positions and body postures can be difficult to perform initially. You’re going to need a few tools and props, choose the right equipment to ensure safety and ease. You don’t want your knees to pop out or to get an elbow injury while trying to commit to a new healthy habit. 

    You need the right gear

    Your yoga instructors and teachers will always make sure to let you know not to force your body into anything it’s not ready for and therefore, they’ll offer plenty of options that will help you achieve the perfect form without stressing any of your body parts. Make sure you make the right decisions when choosing the right gear for your yoga practice. Get yourself a high-quality yoga mat, some yoga blocks (bricks), and preferably a yoga belt. You might also need a yoga blanket to help you with some positions as a beginner and some practices require a ball, but that’s not necessary at the beginning. 

    You need the right clothes

    You also need to make sure you wear clothes that are comfortable and stretchy. Keep in mind that even though it looks easy and seamless, you will sweat during a yoga class, so make sure it’s not too hot around and that you’re wearing workout clothes that are specifically made for yoga, as they tend to be more comfortable, stretch with ease, and soak up the sweat without suffocating you. You need to approach your classes with an open mind and make sure you follow instructions carefully. You will be surprised by what your body is capable of doing. 

    You can practice yoga anywhere 

    Unlike gym and CrossFit, it doesn’t require any special equipment or gear for a yoga session to become successful and complete. You can practice yoga wherever you are, whether you’re at home, at the beach, playing in a garden with your children, or being quarantined in a hotel room. Yoga teachers record and hold live classes online all the time. You will find plenty of different practices available from different teachers or you can choose to subscribe to an online class with famous teachers to help you stay committed and motivated- it’s up to you. All you’re going to need to practice yoga properly is a clutter-free sunny spot that will give you enough room to stretch your legs and arms up and sideways without tripping over anything.

    To start, get yourself a yoga mat and get ready to explore and discover how you can expand your mental and physical abilities. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and has been considered sacred in many religions. You will find plenty of levels to start from and it’s a practice that suits everyone whether you are young, old, over or underweight, or have a really weak and rigid body. Yoga will be extremely beneficial for your health and will help you understand more about your body and to remain calm and peaceful. 


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