Testosterone’s Effect on Your Beard

    Fenugreek, an herbal supplement best known for promoting and supporting women’s health has a secret – fenugreek also works to help promote male hormone levels. The science behind testosterone and its link to fenugreek is not terribly well understood, but there is a valid and inexplicable connection.

    Men who have an interest in growing longer, thicker, healthier beards know that raising testosterone levels is the key to getting visible results. Although fenugreek is a natural health supplement, there are specific dosing guidelines and precautions all men should heed when taking it.

    Here is a short guide on fenugreek and its effects on your beard.

    How Does Fenugreek Increase Testosterone?

    Fenugreek is just like any naturally occurring food, herb, or plant that grows out of the ground. Through research, people have found that fenugreek can help to boost testosterone levels in men. In healthy men, the average testosterone levels found range from about 300 to 1,000 ng/Dl.

    This also takes into consideration the fact that men naturally produce less testosterone as they age. In fact, the average male’s testosterone levels peak in the early 20s. In turn, fenugreek is one of the safest natural supplements that men can take that will potentially boost their levels a bit.

    Who Does Fenugreek Benefit?

    Anyone who takes fenugreek will likely experience health benefits that are not related to sex, e.g. lower cholesterol, reduced body fat and improved liver health. For each sex, fenugreek can offer additional benefits as related to reproductive health in men and women. Nursing mothers are often encouraged to take fenugreek to help them increase their milk supply.

    In older men, fenugreek not only helps to promote increased testosterone levels in healthy men. But it can also aid with virility as well. So, in short, any man that might have lower testosterone levels could benefit by taking a doctor approved dosage of fenugreek daily.

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    Taking fenugreek to help balance your hormones could also cause you to experience far better overall health.

    Why is Fenugreek a Good Supplement to Take if You Want to Grow Your Beard?

    A beard does not appear overnight, but the precursor to a lengthy, prominent, and thick beard can be seen in most men with healthy testosterone ranges within a few days.

    Men might further encourage beard growth through the use of a comb, a brush, or other methods of manual stimulation. Trimming a beard helps it to grow evenly and healthily. Using oils, pomades, and creams can further enhance the look and feel of a beard.

    What fenugreek does is increase testosterone levels slightly, leading to faster and more noticeable beard growth. Fenugreek and testosterone increases are linked in scientific studies. With that in mind, you should first have your hormone levels checked to see if you are producing a healthy amount of testosterone. You may end up getting better beard growth simply by changing your skincare routine.

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    All beards are different. They grow in different colors and textures, with some coming in in rapid succession or over the course of weeks. Fenugreek is a very important supplement for men who want to have more facial hair.

    Having a lush, fast growing beard is the ultimate goal of a lot of men. Thick beards are fashionable. Men of all ages have come to have a big interest in growing their beards out. In order to have the type of thick, healthy beard that is being depicted in the media as being desirable. Men are searching out new ways to increase testosterone.

    Always talk to your primary care doctor about any new supplements you plan on taking. Especially when it comes to sex hormone levels. You can potentially add fenugreek to your routine and see your beard grow faster and thicker than ever before.


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