Safety In Fitness Training: Injuries and How to Prevent Them

    Have you ever experienced any injuries during one of your workout sessions? Did you feel your muscles slowly getting unable to lift heavier weights? Have you noticed that you have been feeling weak for days? If yes, you may be suffering from workout injuries, and you do not know yet what you are going to do to surpass the situation. While thinking of ways, it is important for you to know what other injuries are associated with bodybuilding to further avoid experiencing those.

    Think of this scenario

    We have identified workout routines that we are going to carry out, and it seems like we are increasing its intensity as weeks pass by. Also, we are becoming independent, and as we go far from being a new bodybuilder, we think that we can go along without the presence of a professional gym trainer. Because we think that we are good enough and doing pretty well in our journey towards a better physique, we usually forget how to do it right, and so we end up being injured. Want to know which are the common injuries in fitness and how to prevent it? The next paragraphs will satisfy your curiosity.

    Common Injuries in Fitness

    Strained back, shoulders and ankle

    Strained back

    The most common among all the workout injuries is the strained back, shoulders, and ankle. This usually happens after staying long on the couch, sitting or lying, before starting up fast and hard with the workout routines. To prevent this specific injury, do stretch first to prepare your back muscles and your joints in the list of exercises that you would want to accomplish within the day.

    Wrist dislocation and sprain

    Wrist dislocation

    A sprain can be experienced both in the wrist and in the ankle. This is an injury related to the ligaments that are found in those areas of the body. From a long rest, our ligaments will not be able to send a follow through if we have decided to start with our workout routine. To prevent, make sure that you are doing your routine in a flat and even surfaces, wear wrist wraps, wear shoes, that you are comfortable with, and play some sports during your free time to increase agility and flexibility.


    tender knee

    Our tendons usually get tight and irritable as we make the same thing over and over again. If we choose to lift the same weight of barbells every day, our tendons get easily irritated. To avoid that, we need to modify and design an improve exercise program to ensure that our tendons will help us gain more muscles and better physique.

    Torn Hamstring

    Torn Hamstring

    If we went to a gym and started working too hard and too fast without doing any warm up exercises and stretching, we are more likely to have a torn hamstring. We increase the possibility of getting this if we stayed too long resting, and suddenly we decided to move hard and fast. Torn hamstring can be very dangerous because it can cause paralysis if we don’t seek medical care immediately

    How to Avoid Injuries?

    1. Design an exercise program

    Before we start our bodybuilding routine, we have to make sure that we have established and carefully planned the things that we want to do to get a better physique. In order to avoid experiencing fatigue or any of the abovementioned common injuries in fitness, we should design an exercise program. List down all the parts of your body that you would want to enhance, and then go to a gym trainer and ask for what are the best routines to achieve those. Follow the designed exercise program carefully to avoid overtraining.

    2. Warm up and stretch to improve mobility

    The best way to start the exercise program is to start up the session with some stretching and warm up routines. This can prepare our muscles and our body in general in the workout that we are going to do. By proper warm up and stretching, we can help our body improve its mobility and flexibility, further avoiding the occurrence of any of the injuries.

    3. Start Slowly with your Workout Routine

    We need to start with the basics before we proceed to more intense workout sessions to make sure that our body and our muscles can follow through. If we will ask our body to comply with intense training routines without proper warm up and stretching, we put ourselves in a more injury-prone session.

    4. Make variations with your workout exercises

    Do not do a single exercise for the whole day because you need to have balance–you need to make all the muscles in your body move to get the physique that you were dreaming of. Also, if you will be doing just a single exercise within the day, the part of your body that you often use will be more prone to soreness and fatigue. To avoid that, it is important to make variations with your workout exercises.

    5. Improve nutrition, diet, and hydration

    To further increase mobility, flexibility and strength, we also need to improve the inner systems of our body. We need to modify our current diet and replace it with a healthier one to make sure that we are properly equipped with the nutrients that we need. Just make sure that before you kick off your gym schedule, you have eaten properly, and that you have enough liquids to avoid dehydration.

    6. Make time for your body to recover

    Rest is the most important thing that we should put effort to because we need it to help our body recover from stress and tiredness. Get some sleep, or rest (at least) after a tiring workout session for recovery. We always need enough energy, nutrient supplements, and water to make sure that we are ready for our next workout sessions.


    To avoid being injured, make sure that you are giving enough attention to careful fitness training. To be carefully guided, you can always check with your professional gym trainer and seek professional health care whenever you feel uncomfortable with your body. If you have any ideas on other common injuries in fitness and how to prevent it, share it by posting comments below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends to help them preempt the abovementioned fitness injuries!

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