Mental Disorders That are Common in Men

    Mental health is extremely important, and it should be a priority for everyone. People are so preoccupied with their physical health that they ignore the warning signs from their brains. It can become a problem because ignoring it for too long will negatively affect your job, relationships with your loved ones, and your life. Men are susceptible to multiple mental disorders that can slowly deteriorate their daily routines and wellbeing. 

    Read on to learn about some of the common mental disorders in men.

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common mental condition in men who have experienced horrific and traumatic events. It can cause insomnia, flashbacks, and nightmares that make people re-experience their horrific event. The traumatic memories cause severe mental anguish, panic attacks, and intense fear. Men can have constant PTSD or the re-experiencing type that has certain triggers. The events that make men develop severe PTSD are car accidents, natural disasters, terminal illnesses, and military combat in a warzone. 

    Generalized Anxiousness Disorder

    Men who exhibit excessive worrying or stress may have a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) affecting everyday routines. Too much stress can negatively interfere with a man’s way of life. Making them feel tension and fear even when nothing is causing stress. In this blog post, “Anxiety,” the people at My Village Green provide an extensive overview of the types of anxiety disorders, the symptoms, and treatment plans. Managing fear and panic depend on the worrying level a person has and their coping skills. Uncontrollable and obsessive thoughts can ruin a man’s lifestyle, job, and relationships. Treatment plans will slowly help men take control of their life again.

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    Bipolar Disorder

    A shift in moods that include episodes of happiness to intense depression and then elevated moods is called bipolar disorder. This disorder begins to show symptoms in men that are around 25 years old or older. It causes high manic episodes that keep people awake for too long, and there is no cure. However, treatment options help men manage their quick mood changes, allowing them to function properly and finish daily tasks. The experience is very taxing and exhausting because people will feel an emotional high that gives them a burst of energy. And then suddenly they feel deep sadness and depression. It can lead to substance abuse and suicide if men ignore seeking medical help. 

    The key to getting better and recovering is acknowledging that you have a condition to let your mind accept the healing process. It can’t be forced or rushed because every man has their own pace and methods for recovery. Mental disorders are serious health concerns because they change your mood, way of thinking, and behavior. The causes of mental disorders vary, and it depends on the person’s family history, genetics, stress levels, and chemical imbalances in their brain. Treatments only work if the person is willing to make the change. Whether it’s therapy, medication, support groups, and proper education on mental health, men can beat their mental suffering and lead happy, healthy lives.


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