Is Sober Living Possible During A Pandemic?

    Staying sober during this pandemic can be tricky, especially if you have just completed your treatment. It is easy to relapse, but this doesn’t mean it is impossible. With appropriate health care and determination, you can manage to do it. Here are some approaches to help you stay sober during this pandemic.

    Virtual Support Group Meetings

    There are so many virtual support groups on the web that you can join. Being a member of such groups and attending meetings is a great way to meet new people virtually and see people in your recovery network. A simple search online will give you results for meetings at all hours. Use your phone or laptop to attend such meetings.

    If you don’t want to feel isolated and alone during this recovery period, consider becoming a member of sober living communities. These are people recovering by living a sober lifestyle in private homes or organizations run by charities or businesses. They allow you to stay at a sober home, but you have to pay rent, do chores and follow curfew rules. Some of these homes have therapy sessions and random drug tests to prevent relapse.

    Exercise and Eat Well

    The good thing is that in this pandemic, you can still go outside. But remember to practice social distancing. It can be beneficial to walk a few miles every morning or evening. Walking can do wonders for your mental health.

    If you like challenging exercise, then go for it. Working out more often and eating healthy can help you in fast recovery. There is no doubt: exercising and eating make you feel good. When you feel good, you are less likely to fall into cravings and triggers. So, avoid eating junk food all night and day instead; take care of yourself by treating your body well.

    Give Yourself a Break

    You need to know that it is all right to feel anxious during a life-threatening crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the outbreak of this virus, thousands have lost their lives, and the economy has been affected. So, avoid shaming yourself if you feel depression, sadness, or anxiety. Many people feel that way since it is unusual for them and they can’t control anything.

    Have a Routine

    Have enough sleep and avoid oversleeping. Every day, try to wake up at the same time, take a bath, and get dressed. You can start your day with morning meditation or talking to your sponsor. Avoid spending your day lying down in your pajamas since you will quickly feel depressed.

    People hate feeling they have no control, especially when they are not working because of the pandemic. Having a routine will enable you to have control and a sense of direction. Every day, have a list of what you want to do and try your best to complete them.

    There is no specific answer to how you can stay sober during this pandemic. However, following these strategies will help you stay sober at these times. Whenever you feel the temptation to drink alcohol, talk to someone who understands you, especially a medical expert.


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