How to Let Go of Someone Who Holds You Back

    It is a known fact that letting go of anything is not an easy task. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of will to let go of something or someone that has any amount of power over you. 

    But often, it becomes crucial to do so. You might have to let go of someone you loved in the past but should not any more, or someone who is a bad part of your life, and should be let go of. 

    Although there is no way to make the process easier, there are some things that you can do to ensure that you stick to the plan. 

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    Create a Plan

    The key to doing anything is to set a goal, create a plan, and build a system that will allow you to make it happen. If you need to let go of someone, you need to create a plan. 

    Start With Why

    In a journal or a piece of paper, write down all the reasons why leaving this person is the right thing for you to do. If you ever feel lost in the course of the process, you can always come back to this list to remind yourself of your purpose. 

    Then, Create An Action Plan

    If you are trying to let go of someone you once loved but are no longer together with, plan to push yourself out of those feelings. 

    You can try writing down all the things you dislike about this person, or you can write down reasons why you deserve better. You can also create a physical distance between yourself and this person instead of just trying for an emotional distance. 

    If you are trying to move out of a toxic friendship, try to identify other people who would be better friends for you. Look at what you can do to create another support system for yourself that is not toxic. 

    Someone Holds You Back

    Make Yourself Accountable

    When people battle addictions, they have to force themselves to be honest with another person, and be accountable to them for all their actions. This forces them to be more responsible and disciplined. 

    Similarly, when you are trying to let go of someone that is holding you back from anything in life, tell your closest people that this is a path you are now embarking on. Force yourself to be accountable to others. 

    For an extra step, you can even tell the person you are moving on from that you are doing so. This will be the ultimate form of being accountable, because any relapse in your judgement will make you directly embarrassed.

    Additionally, if you ended things with a partner or a friend on mutual terms, you can both help each other move on by being accountable to each other. 

    Walk Towards A Future

    Moving on is not just about leaving your past behind, but also about creating and walking towards a future for yourself. 

    In the case of relationships, it is advisable to not jump into another relationship immediately, but it is also not advisable to sit around for too long. 

    As soon as you feel ready, push yourself towards another person. Follow your plan. Go on dates, go out to places where you can make new friends, take steps to be a better you. Reflect on your past actions and relationships, and think about what you could have done better. 

    When you are saying goodbye, also remember to say hello!

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