How to Get ED Medication Online in Canada?

    Erectile dysfunction has been an issue for men since the beginning of time. Many cultures have tried to resolve it over the years so that those who experience it could regain their ability to have normal intercourse whenever they wanted.

    While the consequences of ED are fairly well known, other issues exist besides being unable to enjoy being intimate with a partner. It could also mean not being able to have a child naturally. The physiological and emotional consequences can also be distressing. It isn’t uncommon for those experiencing ED not to seek out treatment because they’re embarrassed and don’t wish to talk about any feelings of being inadequate because of ED. However, ED is the most common social issue among men, and it impacts around 52 per cent of people globally. So no man is alone in experiencing this. The good news is that treatment exists to deal with it.

    The Little Blue Pill

    If you’ve never heard of Viagra (admittedly, that’s highly unlikely), then there’s some exciting news, as this is a drug that can change your life if you suffer from ED. Even if you don’t know the drug by the name Viagra, you may do by its nickname, the little blue pill. While other drugs for ED exist, which we’ll look at shortly, Viagra is the most well-known.

    Viagra has enjoyed an interesting history, as researchers discovered it by accident. Its main active ingredient, Sildenafil, was intended to treat cardiovascular diseases. However, during trials, it was discovered that it wasn’t working as expected for its intended purposes. So the pharmaceutical company behind it put an end to the research. Just as they were about to end it, however, a nurse revealed that the male patients were always lying in a face-down position whenever female nurses were around. You can probably guess what this meant. All of these men have erections, which would be a side effect every man experiencing ED would want.

    When you think about it, it makes sense that the idea of discovering a method to dilate blood vessels in the heart would perform that same job in other areas of the body. Viagra proved so successful and effective that it’s now responsible for 45 per cent of today’s sexual dysfunction market share, globally.

    Viagra Alternatives

    Today, other ED treatments exist to rival Viagra. The main two are Levitra and Cialis. Levitra lasts four to six hours, which is similar to Viagra. Levitra is also less impacted by alcohol or food, so you can take it with meals. Evidence also exists to show that Levitra is more effective than other ED meds among those suffering from diabetes.

    With effects lasting up to 36 hours, Cialis lasts far longer than Viagra and Levitra. This is why many prefer it, as they don’t have to plan as much. The problem is that if you suffer side effects, they can also last far longer. It also isn’t affected by food as much as Viagra, so you can take it with a meal, although alcohol may impact its effects.

    Buying ED Medication Online is the Best Solution

    Paying a visit to your doctor to discuss erectile dysfunction (ED) isn’t likely the way you’d choose to spend your Tuesday afternoon. Another way that probably doesn’t fill you with excitement is walking into your local pharmacy and asking for the right medication to treat it. Here’s the good news. If you’re set on not putting yourself through any of those awkward positions, you can buy ed meds from Canadian pharmacy online.

    In fact, the experience isn’t all that different than if you visited your doctor. Yes, your doctor would properly assess you (diagnosis, determining which ED medication would be the right one for you, addressing the underlying cuirass, the medication’s safety, etc.) But so would your online doctor. 

    You can find a licensed Canadian physician through a secure telemedicine platform. As long as you provide your full medication and medicinal history, the assessment you would receive online would be similar to the one you’d receive in person. You’d tell the doctor what problem you’re experiencing so that they could assess the situation accurately. If their diagnosis calls for it, they’d prescribe you medication. Then you could buy it online and have it delivered to your front door. The majority of online providers also ensure that the medication is delivered in discreet packaging, so there’s no need to worry about anyone seeing it.


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