How to Choose Supplements Smartly

    Visit any big store or health shop and you’ll be greeted by a massive range of supplements. The same products can be bought online too, along with many more that are not available in stores. While choice is good, the sheer number of different supplements available can make choosing the right ones difficult. 

    If you are looking for supplements to fix a problem or improve your health, read on for some useful tips, so you can make smarter choices. 

    Buy from a Reputable Brand

    Supplement manufacturers make a lot of claims about their products but because supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is a risk that cheaper ones are contaminated by pesticides or other nasty things. Buying from a reputable brand eliminates this risk and ensures you are getting a good quality product that actually does what it says on the packaging. 

    Check with Your Doctor if You Are Taking Existing Medication

    Some supplements interact negatively with prescription medications, so it is wise to check with your doctor if you are currently being prescribed medication for a health problem. For example, if you have been prescribed Prozac, then taking St John’s Wort is not recommended.

    Look Online for the Best Deals

    Supermarkets usually have a range of supplements, but at best they are generic health supplements. They also tend to be more expensive compared to the range of products found online. If you want to save money and know exactly what supplement you need, look for deals online. There are online stores that sell products from all of the major brands. This makes it easier to find everything you need in one place and you can save on shipping costs. 

    Search for coupons and discount deals. It is worth using discounts and voucher codes, as they can save you money. For example, for all your fitness needs, instead of buying smaller quantities, stock up and buy in bulk. With a handy discount code, you could save a chunk of money.

    Check the Dosage

    Don’t buy and use supplements without reading the dosage instructions. It can sometimes be dangerous to take too much of a particular supplement. For example, taking excessive amounts of iron and calcium can cause vomiting, diarrhea, liver failure, and even death. 

    Sports Supplements

    Sports supplements can help you gain muscle and reach your fitness goals, but they don’t all work. Many athletes try testosterone supplements, fat burners, and muscle builders. Even things like Vitamin D and fish oil can help if you are struggling to hit your targets in the gym. 

    Before buying a sports supplement, research what it does and how it works. In most cases, you don’t need to take supplements, but doing so will help you reach your goals faster and more easily. 

    Diet Supplements

    Diet supplements cover vitamins and minerals. You can buy vitamin and mineral supplements as single pills or chewable tablets, but a lot of people find it easier to buy combined multivitamin pills. Remember to read the guidelines so you are taking the correct amount.

    Health Supplements

    Health supplements are designed to boost your overall health. Supplements like cod liver oil, fish oil, and echinacea all fall under this umbrella. As already stated, do check with your doctor before taking health supplements, in case they interact with your current medication. 

    Finally, always read the reviews before you buy any supplements. Be aware that not all reviews are legitimate, as brands sometimes pay for reviews. Focus more on the negative reviews rather than the positive ones, as these are more likely to be genuine.


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