Can You Smoke (or Eat) Medical Marijuana in West Virginia?

    West Virginia has legalized medical marijuana for certified patients. Non-certified patients can also purchase CBD-infused products, as long as they don’t contain more than 0.03% THC. Marijuana is still illegal in West Virginia, so a medical cannabis card is the safest and most accessible way to receive this alternative treatment.

    To become a medical marijuana card holder in West Virginia, you will have to be a resident and suffer from a certified medical condition. Only a state-licensed physician can determine whether your condition qualifies. Once you are certified, you will be able to access medical marijuana products legally.

    Registered patients may legally purchase cannabis-infused products from dispensaries across West Virginia, but not more than a 30-day supply. Recreational use is strictly prohibited, as well as cultivating and selling marijuana in West Virginia.

    Are Marijuana Edibles Legal in West Virginia?

    The West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act and the law regulating it allow for the manufacturing of extracts and topicals – cannabis-infused lotions, balms, and oils. Medical marijuana in West Virginia can be legally produced in various ways:

    • Oils
    • Liquid
    • Tincture
    • Infused pills
    • Dermal Patch
    • Topicals – Gels
    • Creams or Ointment
    • Dry leaf or plant form to nebulization or vaporization

    Although dispensaries may not sell medical marijuana in the form of edibles, registered patients in West Virginia can make edibles at home using other marijuana-infused products.

    Must I Be a Medical Marijuana Patient To Use Medical Marijuana?

    If you do not hold a medical marijuana card, you will only be able to purchase products with less than 0.03% THC. These are CBD-infused products such as tincture oils, pills, topicals, gummies, and vape juices. Marijuana for recreational use is illegal in West Virginia. 

    If you do have a qualifying medical condition and are registered to receive medical marijuana in WV as treatment, you will have access to various cannabis delivery services and dispensaries, and save up to 10% on every purchase by eliminating the taxes that recreational users must pay.

    Only medical marijuana patients can purchase from dispensaries and consume marijuana legally. 

    Can I Smoke Medical Marijuana in West Virginia?

    Smoking medical cannabis in West Virginia is illegal. Vaporization (or oils) is allowed, but smoking is strictly prohibited. Nevertheless consuming it in the vicinity of schools, private property, hospitals, and parks is strictly forbidden.

    Does WV Have Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

    Yes! You can find medical marijuana dispensaries in West Virginia and purchase up to 30 days of treatment using your card. As a certified patient, you will also benefit from alternative delivery services to fulfill your orders.

    Remember that you cannot use your medical marijuana card in a different state. You are only legally protected while possessing and purchasing medical marijuana in the state of origin. There may be some exceptional cases where the bureau initiates an agreement with another state with similar laws and requirements.

    Can I Get Medical Marijuana Delivery in West Virginia?

    Although they are not a registered marijuana delivery service in West Virginia, pharmacies fulfill this niche purpose very effectively. If you plan to purchase cannabis on an ongoing basis, setting up an order in advance is a good way to avoid the possible shortage.

    Bottom Line

    What is important to remember about possessing medical marijuana in West Virginia is that it is only legal if you are a registered patient. To apply for a medical marijuana card, see a doctor for an evaluation and receive a recommendation for your condition.

    West Virginia doesn’t impose many restrictions on where you can consume medical marijuana products unless it is in the vicinity of a school, private property, or medical centers. Smoking, however, is strictly prohibited and recreational use is still illegal.


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