7 Tips To Help You Deal With Muscle Soreness

    Had a particularly tough session at the gym or performed some strenuous physical activity? There are high chances that these things will lead you to experience muscle soreness for the next couple of days. Infact, stats reveal that Muscle pain is a major medical problem, and about 60%-85% of the population has had some kind of muscular pain in their lifetime.

    It is generally a good idea to perform light stretches to warm yourself up for your gym session and to avoid engaging in strenuous physical activities without loosening your muscles first. This will help you in avoiding muscle soreness to a great extent. However, if you still experience it, you should follow these tips which will help you in dealing with sore muscles:

    1. Massage The Sore Muscles With Ice

    Applying ice massages can help you get relief from sore muscles as they will help in reducing the inflammation in the muscles. Not just that, due to the low temperature, your nerve endings would also get numbed for a while, preventing pain receptors in the region from sending signals to the brain.

    2. Use Heat Packs

    Ice packs and ice massages will be helpful only if your soreness is less than two days old. If you still experience pain after that period, you should try using a heat-pad instead. Apply the heat pad to the sore regions in your body for about 15-20 minutes several times over the next few days. This will help in reducing the inflammation in your muscles and lead to a decrease in soreness.

    If you find yourself without a heat-pad in your house, you can add hot water to a container and use it. It won’t be as effective, but when used along with the rest of the tips, it can help you in relieving pain.

    3. Use Some Medication

    You can get your hands on several medicines that will help you combat the soreness in your muscles. Zerodol SP , Ibuprofen, and Naproxen  are some highly effective tablets to relieve pain from various conditions such as headache, menstrual cramps, dental pains and muscle aches. They consists of Aceclofenac, Paracetamol, and Serratiopeptidase which helps in reducing inflammation in the muscles, joints, and bones.

    You should take them strictly in accordance with the instructions provided on the package.

    4. Engage In Light Physical Activities

    Performing light physical activities will help you in reducing soreness. When you exercise, blood circulates in a better way and proper circulation helps in reducing inflammation in the muscles. Make sure that you are not straining yourself or it can further aggravate your pain Try to perform simple stretches and exercises that are focused on the muscles which aren’t sore.

    5. Get A Massage

    Getting a massage with essential oils will help you in combating the sore muscles in your body to a great extent as they help in improving the blood flow which leads to a decrease in inflammation. Try to go to a professional masseuse for the best result.

    However, you can do it at home too. All you need is a couple of essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, or rosemary. Take a couple of drops of the oil and gently massage the region where your muscles are sore. You will immediately feel the pain in your muscles decrease significantly.

    6. Use A Sports Cream

    Sports creams and sprays will have an effect similar to that of essential oils on the sore muscles in your body. The difference is that these creams and sprays are generally thicker and therefore have a more lasting effect. Just apply them on the region where your muscles are sore and you will feel the ache reducing.

    7. Get A Warm Bath

    Taking a warm bath helps in relaxing the muscles in your body and improves blood flow. These things will lead to a decrease in inflammation in your muscles and you will get relief from soreness and pain you are experiencing. You can always add some essential oils to your warm bath. These oils will enhance the impact of the warm bath on your sore muscles and you will feel much better once you are done.


    Sore muscles can be quite discomforting if they are not treated early on. The moment you feel any sort of soreness in your muscles, you should use one of the above tips to help ease the pain before it gets worse.


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