6 Ways To Support Medical Front Liners

    With the coming of the pandemic that struck the whole world at the end of 2019, health workers have found themselves in a more difficult situation than they’ve ever been in their professional medical careers. Apart from the workload now getting even heavier, there’s that unpredictability that entails every working day in fighting a virus that once was once unheard of. In the pursuit of saving the lives of others, every day that they report to work, they’re risking theirs, too. Read more about A History Of Viruses and Bacteria.

    So, it’s just but fitting now more than ever to give thanks and appreciation to these dear frontline medical workers. They’ve got so much more on their minds and physical toll than the worries everyone else may be facing. It goes beyond simply the stocking up of food and toilet paper. Sometimes, you can just be there for them as a friend, which can do wonders for their mental health. So, in whatever way that even ordinary people like you may help, then that’s something to seriously consider.

    If you are interested in a rewarding career path, consider exploring opportunities with a travel nursing agency like Medical Solutions for fulfilling experiences. With that in mind, here are six ways for you to show that love and appreciation to medical front-liners, to keep them going, even in the difficult days:

    1. Make Testing Readily Available for Medical Workers

    There are still many places, particularly those that are still struggling with keeping the virus constrained, wherein even medical front liners don’t have easy access to testing. However, it should be. Given the nature of their job, wherein they face COVID-19, infected patients every single day, then it shouldn’t also come as a surprise that many of these front liners are also going to test positive for the virus. But, if testing isn’t readily available, then how can they determine that it’s time for them to isolate and self-quarantine?

    One way to put a stop to the spread of the virus, especially within the medical community, is to make sure that whenever it’s needed, they’ll have access to testing. This can help reduce the spread, not just to high-risk patients, but even to other medical front-liners as well. When the medical front-liners suffer, then the entire healthcare system will also collapse.

    2. Provide Medical Front Liners with PPEs And Scrubs

    Another means to support medical front-liners is to provide them with PPEs and medical scrubs for nurses and other healthcare workers. Make these available to them, not at their own expense. Given the long shifts that they’re already doing and the other mental and financial load that these healthcare workers may already be facing, giving them that added layer of protection is already a big help.

    Note that there are still many places where there could be a shortage of medical scrubs and PPEs. This is true, given that after every instance that a medical worker faces and takes care of a COVID-infected patient, they’ll have to change PPE regularly. Imagine the number of changes they have to make in one day, together with the medical scrubs they use.

    This could mean that even their stock of medical uniforms right now may not be enough to meet the frequent changes that they’re now doing. Nurses and other medical workers shouldn’t have to take drastic and unhygienic measures of reusing masks and other protective gears simply because they no longer have enough to meet their needs.

    3. Give Medical Front Liners A Shout Out

    Social media is a very powerful tool. And now more than ever is a good time to show your appreciation to the brave and exhausted medical workers by giving them a social media shoutout.

    This would actually create a ripple effect. When others on social media see you sending out those positive messages, then they may follow suit as well. These messages are more than enough to lift the spirits up of overworked and tired healthcare workers who just need that added push of positivity. 

    Who knows, your simple message of encouragement would’ve given a front liner that strength to keep pushing forward to their next shift.

    Plus, these positive messages are also a good way to counter whatever negativity that may also be sprouting on social media regarding the pandemic.

    Medical Front Liners

    4. Encourage Workload Redistribution

    Another effective way to support medical front-liners and to lessen their possible exposure to the virus by decongesting hospitals is to practice workload redistribution. This means that instead of focusing solely on seeing patients physically, it also pays to encourage doctors, in particular, to make good use of technology for online consultations.

    It’s up to the entire population to support doctors in this pursuit. If there isn’t a need to see your doctor physically, then make that call or online consultation. You’re doing everyone a big favor, so these tired and overworked medical professionals can instead focus their time and energy on those patients that need that attention the most.

    5. Don’t Take Any Hospital Masks and Hygiene Supplies

    Whenever you do have to visit the hospital, and you come across an abundant supply of masks and sanitizers, among others, as much as possible, don’t take them for yourself. If you’ve got enough supply at home, then leave this supply to those who need it, particularly the medical workers.

    Even one pump of that alcohol goes a long way when you multiply this by the number of hospital visitors in a day who’ll also refuse to use the ones provided at hospitals to give way instead to the medical workers who need it more.

    Whenever you can, just bring your own. Leave the public supply for those who need it most.

    6. Provide Meals

    One of the popular ways now of supporting frontline medical workers is to provide them with meals. You don’t have to do this every day. Even in the little ways that you can give them snacks or water, that’s already a big help to keep them pressing on.

    Remember that food is also needed to keep the immune system strong. All the more that this is needed by medical professionals who come face to face with the threat of getting the virus from their workplace. With the long and stretched hours they may be doing, some could also be skipping meals.

    Providing them with meals can show them that they’re cared for and also appreciated for all the effort and hard work that they put in.


    As you can see, it’s not at all that difficult to show care and appreciation to the medical health workers who risk their lives every day to protect yours and those of many others. It’s as simple as putting yourself in their shoes and position and see for yourself if their job is something that you know you’ll be able to do confidently as well. As the pandemic is still around, it’s not yet too late to show your appreciation. Every bit of push and motivation helps a lot to keep them going, especially during difficult times.


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