6 Ways to Protect Your Dental Implants [Comprehensive Guide]

    If you’re wondering what to do after you get dental implants, you’ve come to the right place. Not smoking, watching what you eat, wearing a mouth guard when you sleep, and keeping infection at bay are some of the few. Read ahead if you want to know more. 

    1. Don’t Smoke

    It is important that you don’t smoke after you get dental implants says this cosmetic dentist in Midtown Manhattan. Smoking restricts blood flow to your gums, which would slow the healing process. Not just this, but it can also increase your risk of getting gum disease. 

    2. Change Your Diet

    Watching what you eat is important right after any dental procedure. You not only will affect the healing process but also cause yourself discomfort. 

    To support the recovery process, you should eat foods that are rich in calcium. You would strengthen your jaws. Milk, cheese and other dairy foods are good choices. Hard foods are the worst things to eat. They can easily damage your implants and cause pain. 

    If you work with a large clinic, like Maple Dental Health you might be in luck. They’re known to create custom diet plans, which makes watching what you eat easier. 

    3. Listen to Your Dentist

    Listen to everything your dentist has mentioned. They probably made a list of all the things to avoid, and what to do before you left the clinic. For example, to avoid physical activity for 48 hours. This is to reduce the chances of you injuring your face. Don’t be afraid to get outside opinions if you want. 

    4. Keep Infection at Bay

    You may deal with some inflamed tissue until your implants fuse to your bone. Unless you want to deal with infection, take good care of your mouth. Most probably, you were prescribed antibacterial rinse as well as antibiotic medication. Use them as prescribed. If you’re forgetful, get a friend or family member to remind you about them. 

    When it comes to brushing your teeth, don’t brush over the areas with the dental crowns or implants. Simply brush and floss the adjacent areas. 

    Also, visit your dentist regularly. You need regular checkups to make sure everything is going according to plan. 

    5. Wear a Mouth Guard

    Are you someone that grinds their teeth? You might have to wear a mouth guard while you sleep. Grinding your teeth would cause trauma and prevent the implants from fusing properly otherwise. Speak to your dentist and get a proper guard for your mouth.

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes to all of the points that were discussed, what do you think? There are quite a few things to keep in mind to make sure your dental implants don’t fail. Watching what you eat is the most important from them. Don’t eat any foods that are hard or too sticky. 

    Also, you should try and wear a mouth guard when you are sleeping if you’re prone to grinding your teeth. You would cause oral trauma otherwise. 


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