5 Ways to Deal with a Boyfriend Who Smokes

    Whether you’re living with him, seeing him every single day, or just from time to time, dealing with a boyfriend who smokes is never fun, especially if you’re not a smoker yourself.

    It’s not just being against this nasty habit – it’s the practical things like the smelly outfit, unclean air, and the general feeling of disgust you feel whenever you’re around people who are smoking.

    Luckily, there are ways to deal with this issue, so here are some of the ideas that might turn out to be the most effective and useful.

    Talk it out

    This may seem like the easiest and least effective idea in the world, but it could also solve all your problems. Talking to someone with a smoking habit is a hard and usually unsuccessful process, so you need to be patient, reasonable, rational, caring, and understanding.

    Helping a smoker quit smoking might take some time and you could end up talking to your boyfriend more than you’ve anticipated, but showing determination and willingness to help him is the right path. Tough love is still love, and he’ll certainly know how to appreciate it and consider quitting smoking in the near future.

    Keep your windows open

    This is another useful technique, though not as effective as encouraging your boyfriend to stop smoking once and for all. If you two spend a considerable amount of time together, you might want to start keeping your windows open more than before.

    This will help you keep your living space ventilated, which is particularly important if you’re living together, and that’s the only way to actually minimize the negative effects of smoking in your immediate surroundings. Moreover, your home is always going to be full of fresh air, and that’s one of the best things in the world, so keep your windows open even when your boyfriend isn’t around.

    Purify the air

    If you have a problem ventilating your home regularly, you can approach this problem differently, and instead of opening the windows, you could purify the air in every room of your home.

    Getting one of those useful and strong air purifiers for smoke could help you more than you can realize, removing smoke particles from the air around you and keeping it cleaner than ever. This is definitely a quicker and more effective way of dealing with smoke than opening the windows, so if you really want to clean your indoor air, be sure to take purifiers into consideration. Check out Comfy Home Corner website for reviews on the top 5 air purifiers.

    Vocalize your concerns

    Nagging your boyfriend is never a good habit, and it’s something no man is ever going to appreciate, but in case you’re dealing with a boyfriend who just won’t quit smoking no matter what you do, this is the only solution.

    Telling him how you feel about his habit, expressing your concerns regarding his health and yours, and showing him how strongly you feel about this problem are just some of the ways to make your boyfriend understand why this is such a big deal to you.

    After all, these are the things that will probably work, and he may just realize why he needs to stop smoking as soon as possible.

    Wash your clothes more often

    If nothing seems to be working, and your boyfriend just doesn’t want to stop smoking, you need to either break up with him or accept him for who he is. If smoking is an integral part of his identity, you should learn how to come to terms with it, and find ways to neutralize the effects of this habit on your own life.

    Washing your clothes more frequently could mean more than it seems, and at least you won’t smell of smoke wherever you go. Removing smoke from your clothes could be rather hard, but it’s still doable, so find a few techniques that work for you and will keep your clothes clean despite the smoke, and then keep repeating them on a regular basis. Check out a handy guide on the washers and dryers that will help you to keep your clothes clean and remove the smell of smoke.

    Dealing with a smoking boyfriend is always hard, no matter what your status is and how long you’ve been dating, so you should approach this issue with extreme care, focus on your boyfriend’s well-being, and find a sustainable solution that will be effective in the future as well.


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