5 Best Supplements to Boost Your Immunity

    If you eat healthily, practice regular physical activity, get plenty of healthy rest and wash your hands like your life depends on it, you can skip this year’s flu while everyone around you is sneezing and coughing.

    However, if you really want to improve your immunity and protect your body from all sorts of seasonal illnesses, your organism might need a little help from supplements.

    If you’re curious about best supplements you can take this fall and winter, here’s what to keep your eye on. 

    Vitamin D

    Most of us know that vitamin D does wonders for our bone strength, but it can do so much more than that. This vitamin/hormone is a great immune system booster many of us lack, especially when the weather becomes less sunny.

    Vitamin D is generated when the body is exposed to sunshine, and due to seasonal weather changes and our sedentary, indoor lifestyles, many adults and kids lack vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can put us in a higher risk of infection and trigger muscle weakness and bone pain.

    So, if you’re an indoor person, living in a colder climate, have darker skin or experience any of these symptoms, make sure to supplement your diet with some vitamin D supplements. You will not only protect your body from infections and reduce your risk of catching the flu and common cold, but healthy vitamin D levels can also regulate your mood and help you battle seasonal depression.

    Vitamin C

    This is one of the staples of immune system boosters, yet it’s been on and off the list of best supplements because of some conflicting research. However, one is for sure, vitamin C can help support your immune functions. Without a sufficient amount of vitamin C, your immune system can be sluggish and slow to respond to threats.

    Higher doses of vitamin C supplements can help our body fight infections, lead to reduced cold symptoms and shorter cold durations. You can get plenty of vitamin C from your food, especially citrus, strawberries and bell peppers, but you can also introduce vitamin C supplements to your diet.

    If you’re curious about best supplements you can take this fall and winter, here’s what to keep your eye on

    Try something that dissolves in water, so you can get both vitamin C and extra fluid. There are even vitamin combos that contain various vitamins and can provide you with complete immune system protection. 


    This shroom has long been used for luscious hair and healthy, glowing skin, but it has other health benefits that go beyond beauty. While many dietician and supplement experts consider reishi to be the queen of all mushrooms, then chaga is the ultimate ruler of the mushroom world. It’s full of antioxidants that can keep your body safe from free radicals and make you both stronger and prettier.

    Take your chaga in the morning and afternoon and you’ll quickly notice some great results. If you pick a quality chaga extract from a respectable supplier, you’ll get a highly digestible and bio-available supplement. The best chaga is harvested in Russia, in the Eastern Siberian Baikal region and then freeze-dried in order to keep all the beneficial compounds inside the product, so watch what you buy. Make sure you a reading reviews and buying chaga extract from a respectable supplier.

    Oregano oil

    This spice herb can give your meals an amazing taste, but it can also help your body fight off some illnesses. If you use oregano oil outside of the kitchen, you can expect to go through the flu season without even noticing any symptoms.

    Oregano has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties and can help relieve your coughing fits. It can also ensure your gut is healthy by encouraging a good flow of bile. Some people even swear that oregano oil can kill intestinal parasites and additionally ensure your stomach health.

    Plus, oregano oil is organic and vegan and you can find it all over the world. 


    Ginseng is an amazing plant. Its root is not only great for cold prevention, but it can also help reduce and control symptoms like sneezing and throat soreness. According to some research, ginseng can also make your cold disappear faster and you’ll feel better much sooner.

    What you need is about 200 milligrams of North American ginseng a day to get you through the cold season. Another benefit of ginseng is its energy-boosting properties that can help you feel strong, healthy and energized throughout the winter. Some ginseng complexes also contain various vitamins, especially B12 which keeps the body’s nerves and blood cells healthy.

    If you’re tired of spending the entire winter with a runny nose and an annoying cough, try introducing these supplements into your diet and you’ll feel better than ever in your life. You can forget all about colds and flu and enjoy the beauties of fall and winter to the fullest. 


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